Darren Huff – Political Prisoner? Case 12-5581 Transcript – Appeal 1/30/14

Darren Huff – Political Prisoner?  Case 12-5581 Transcript – Appeal 1/30/14

For those who have been following…

the Huff trial and The Madisonville Hoax, it must be clear by now that Huff was yet another dupe in an FBI sting operation. Huff was set up to enter an armed camp of some 100 police of different varieties, armed, and be gunned down like a common criminal. Recall that the FBI was at his house the night before, knew he was traveling to Madisonville the next morning, armed (legally), stopped him outside town, and asked him to disarm when he got to the venue. The venue, which he never got to, was overseen by a sniper.

So the sting operation went sour for the FBI but they were still able to find a statute, ten days later, that was “enhanced” with the charge of carrying firearms across state lines, which the local rednecks do thousands of times on a daily basis.
The federal prosecutors were ecstatic at Huff’s conviction and declared that it would be a lesson to others who would try to do the same thing. And so it is. If this conviction is not overturned at appeal, anyone, not just veterans anymore, but any person who is too adamant in challenging federal overreach, Constitutional transgressions, etc. will be subject to charges of intent to commit a disturbance. Those charges will be “enhanced” if weapons are involved, for any reason, and that person will be looking at a possibility of five years in a federal penitentiary. Letters to judges in this unofficial transcript addressed to the Sixth District in Cincinnati will be of help.

Zeb Blanchard


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