License to carry – Ventura County, CA

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County of Ventura – County sheriff’s office license to carry weapons policy

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SDSheriffVentura County Sheriff’s Office (VCSO) policy titled “Carry Concealed Weapons License (CCW)”, is hereby adopted as of February 21, 2014 by Sheriff Geoff Dean and shall constitute the policy and practices of the VCSO relating to licenses and applications for licenses to carry firearms under Cal. Penal Code §§ 26150, et seq.

The Sheriff, upon proof that the person applying is of good moral character, that the person applying satisfies residency or business location requirements, and has completed a course of training (as set forth in this policy) may issue to that person a carry concealed weapons license (CCW). This policy will serve as the Office’s written process for the application and issuance of such licenses. Pursuant to Cal. Penal Code § 26160, this policy shall be made accessible to the public.

In order to apply for a Concealed Weapons License, the applicant must meet the following requirements:
a. Be a resident of the County of Ventura.
b. Be at least 18 years of age.
c. Complete an application that will include substantial personal information, much of
which may be subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act.
d. Be free from criminal convictions or other prohibiting conditions that would disqualify
the applicant from carrying a concealed weapon.
i. Note: applicants may inquire as to their eligibility to possess and own firearms
prior to submitting an application by completing the “Personal Firearms
Eligibility Check” form, which can be found at, and submitting it to the
California Department of Justice (“DOJ”) in accordance with their instructions.
e. Provide fingerprints and successfully complete a criminal background check.
f. Be of good moral character. For purposes of this policy, with respect to a determination
of ‘good moral character’ the following factors are taken into consideration: honesty,
arrests or negative contacts with law enforcement agencies, conviction of any crime
(including expunged convictions), alcohol or drug-related incidents, numerous moving
violations of the California Vehicle Code, civil judgments, pending lawsuits, liens, etc.
g. For purposes of this policy in reference to good cause, a need for personal safety or selfdefense
is currently satisfactory, depending on the ultimate appellate outcome of Peruta
v. County of San Diego.

For the complete policy and rules please visit the Sheriff’s website:

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