What can Americans do about the corruption?

What can Americans do about the corruption?

Five Corporate Enforcers Murder an unarmed man? – Moore, Oklahoma

Just act like Americans…

On Feb 27, 2014, at 2:48 PM, mike school <lkndwnatu2@yahoo.com> wrote:

I wrote to them.

Dear Sir,

As you are the “Boss” I would like to ask you to provide me with Notarized copies of the police reports of the Officers involved in the fatality in Moore.   I am asking you to prosecute the Oath-breakers.  I don’t want to hear why you are unable to.

E-mail is a Lawful form of Communication. I will print this for my records.

Please visit my website. http://citizensactionnet.com/home.html

You have 21 Business days to provide the Oaths and Insurance information on these individuals as well as having them complete a Public Servant Questionnaire (PSQ).  Failure to complete and return the PSQ is an Article 5 Violation. You have been notified,

failure to correct is a Constitutional Violation.  Such a Violation= Complicity.

Michael C School
Citizens Action network
2036 Nevada City
Hwy#181 Grass Valley Ca, 95949

Moore Police Department

Voila_Capture 2014-02-28_05-51-13_AM

Moore Police Release Report About Luis Rodriguez’s Death

Posted: Feb 27, 2014 3:41 PM PST Updated: Feb 27, 2014 4:44 PM PST

By Chris McKinnon, News 9 – bio | email

A lawyer for the Rodriguez's family released a cellphone video taken during Rodriguez's struggle with police. A lawyer for the Rodriguez’s family released a cellphone video taken during Rodriguez’s struggle with police.

MOORE, Oklahoma –

The Moore Police Department released its crime report on an incident outside the Warren Theater that ended up with one man dead in police custody. The narrative, written by police was filed on February 18, three days after Luis Rodriguez died. It details the police officers’ perspectives of the incident.

2/27/2014 Related Story: Moore Police Report: Luis Rodriguez Died At Hospital

The attorney representing the Rodriguez family cautioned, however, that the report did not answer a major question: What killed Luis Rodriguez?

The police report shows that officers were investigating a domestic abuse call outside the Warren Theater. The report shows an officer approached Rodriguez and asked for his identification but “he wasn’t giving it to him” then “Luis stepped back, crossed his arms and tried to walk around” the officer.

Police also reported that Rodriguez was “taking an aggressive stance” that they “interpreted as a fighting stance.” Other officers eventually “stepped in to get Luis under control.”

Moore Police Chief Jerry Stillings told News 9 that he stood by his officer’s actions and did not see them acting inappropriate in the video evidence.

Attorney Michael Brook-Jimenez, who represents the Rodriguez family, says once Rodriguez was down, the cell phone video shows no struggle.

“It would stand to reason that a person in that situation that their chest would be heaving that they’re full of adrenaline, that they were breathing heavily, you don’t see any of that in that video,” said Brooks-Jimenez. “It makes me curious that whenever they have five full grown men on his back how many times did he stop breathing.”

The report also states that “he stopped breathing” at the scene but “he was stabilized” at the hospital, where Rodriguez eventually “stopped breathing again and died” after receiving a CT scan.

Brooks-Jimenez says the Medical Examiner will have to make a ruling about what actually caused Luis Rodriguez to stop breathing.

“At this point there’s less to indicate that the hospital killed him as opposed to what happened out at the parking lot of that theater,” said Brooks-Jimenez.

The investigation is still on-going into the death of Luis Rodriguez. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is waiting on the Medical Examiner’s report, which could take two months to complete.

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