Time to relearn sovereignty – by Don Hank

Reference:  Phantom of the Corporation.

Time to relearn sovereignty

by Don Hank
Sovereignty: For centuries past, the idea that a state could be sovereign was always connected to its ability to guarantee the best interests of its own citizens. Thus, if a state could not act in the best interests of its own citizens, it could not be thought of as a “sovereign” state.

For years I have been exchanging information and ideas with a group of Brits who want their country to leave the EU.  You may well wonder why a Yank like me would be so concerned about the UK and its fate, and more specifically about encouraging my British friends to leave the EU.
Actually, that is a simple question to answer.

Throughout the Western world, there is a pervasive notion that love of one’s country (nationalism) leads to war and is therefore unacceptable. This is a blatant lie. War is started by dictators precisely of the kind who run the EU and the USA. Because of this pernicious notion, which bombards us from every side almost daily, the peoples of the Western world, including Americans, have been ceding our sovereignty to ‘leaders’ who represent not them or their nations but usurpers who can generally be called transnational elites.

It is therefore not so much the libertarian notions of ‘liberty’ — however it may be defined at any given time — but rather the larger notion of national sovereignty, that must be addressed and the issues surrounding it resolved.

But have you noticed that few if any of our leaders, including the putative ‘opposition’ parties and their mouthpieces in the press and blogosphere, even mention this word sovereignty?

This is because the notion has been allowed to die out of our collective vocabularies (in all European languages) and consciousnesses, and that is on purpose. Richard Haass, President of the CFR, once wrote an article in which he said it is ‘time to rethink sovereignty.’ He meant not ‘rethink’ but ‘eliminate.’


Demagogues know that they can entice us with mellifluous palaver about liberty because that concept can be stealthily altered to suit the interests of small political groups. Nowadays, for example, it is routinely conflated with the ‘right’ to buy, sell and take drugs that harm us and our children or to introduce a novel concept of ‘marriage’ that has never existed before the 90s and for which there is no equivalent definition in any of the 600+ natural languages/dialects in our world.

The same powerful pranksters who want to foist these ideas on us and make us think we asked for them are busy throughout the world trying to sell their snake oil as a distraction to make us forget that we are slowly losing — what? — not our liberty, but rather our sovereignty. (Please start using that word as often as you can to restore it to its rightful place in our vocabulary).

And how does that affect each Western nation, you ask?

The lack of national sovereignty (i.e., self determination and self governance) in all Western industrialized nations foists millions of immigrant ‘refugees’ upon us in the name of humanitarianism. Immigrants many of whom who hate us and our culture and refuse to integrate and assimilate.

The lack of national sovereignty costs us millions in tax money to keep programs running that are alien to our way of thinking and an affront to our sensibilities.
The lack of national sovereignty literally steals our sustenance to pay failed banks and governments (in the EU) that have become addicted to the abuse of our dwindling wealth.

The lack of national sovereignty costs us jobs, which are sent elsewhere or destroyed by arcane regulations that no one can understand, including, in the EU, taxes on the fuel used to transport our consumer goods and food to us.

The lack of national sovereignty robs us of our individuality, making us feel like parts of a gigantic robot. It leaves us with a feeling of emptiness and despair, knowing that we are no longer the authors of our own fate.

It foists political correctness upon us, forcing our own minds and thoughts into a strait jacket, ultimately outlawing spontaneous and utterances by making thought policemen of our fellow ‘world citizens.’

So to paraphrase the transnational elitist Richard Haass, it is time to relearn sovereignty.

I suspect that any American opposition party that seriously took up the notion of sovereignty as its main platform could win elections, first on the local level but later on the state and national levels.

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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