The American People Have Never Had a Lawful Government

The American People Have Never Had a Lawful Government

Based on the conclusions revealed below…

Everything that occurred almost since the beginning of our nation never lawfully happened.  It appears that a group of unlawful despots usurped the lawful authority and began posing as the lawful government of the people. By deception, these criminally inspired individuals hijacked the legitimate government of the people and have been impersonating the government of the American people ever since.  You will find that those who were engaged in these nefarious acts were loyal to the British Crown.

You will also discover that the same type of arrangement created the various state BAR associations (actually private corporations) whose members are also loyal to the same British Crown. The BAR association has established the unlawful system of courts in each state, unbeknownst to most Americans, which function as part of a network of private administrative  criminal enterprises designed to extort money from American citizens.

Please review the following link for more of the sordid details:

Judicial fraud

Now before proceeding any further, you must be prepared to deal with several scenarios which it first will appear to be unbelievable.  We shall stop here for a moment to introduce you to the methodology used by those behind this conspiracy to discredit and undermine anyone who would seek to reveal these secrets.

It starts in Chicago and it does involve a man  named Saul Alinsky.   you may have heard of him.  He wrote a famous book called Rules for Radicals.    Hillary wrote her thesis on Mr. Alinsky, and Obama taught the principles in Mr. Alinsky’s book  during his stint as a community organizer.

Rules for Radicals

Once you understand the principles behind the techniques used, it will become fairly easy to understand how to avoid being marginalized.  Sometimes it may take a little practice, but essentially the subtleties and nuances used to discredit are easily discernible by those educated in this practice.

Now you’re prepared to move ahead and begin to learn more about the unbelievable past of our Republic.  Once you’re comfortable with this bizarre story, you will be in a better position to understand what must be done to restore country.

And now on to the show…

Currently, there is a group of Americans, The Union States Assembly, who are endeavoring to establish the true America we were led to believe we were bequeathed by the founders.  Information uncovered and analyzed just a few days ago, left researchers to conclude a serious technical conflict existed between two simultaneously assembled versions of the Congress.  Listen to the details as described by one of the researchers behind this very important effort to restore America to its de jure state.

  1. The Ugly Truth – Part 1 
  2. The Ugly Truth – Part 2
  3. Overview of the truth
  4. Introduction to Oversight 
  5. Use of oversight groups to manage public servants
  6. More details on this incredible fraud
  7. How the enforcement can be applied.  How the illusion is kept alive
  8. The greatest lie ever told to Americans

Proclamation 2040 – By 1939 all American Common Law Civil Process will be gone.

Amnesty: Politicians Put Their Mouth Where Their Money Is

Endowed by their Creator…The People are the Final Arbiters.

Man who indicted Obama to form whistleblower group


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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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1 Response to The American People Have Never Had a Lawful Government

  1. Chris Strunk says:


    Rome’s Coup d’etat over the “Accursed” United States of America

    March 9, 1933

    Commander in chief Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    Military Conqueror “Augustus Caesar” of the American Republic
    Issues Proclamation 2040
    Declaring a State of National Emergency via War Powers


    Congress Passes the “Emergency Banking Relief Act”
    Thereby Amending the notorious World War I Statute
    “Trading With the Enemy Act” of October 6, 1917,
    (12 USC 95b) approving and confirming Proclamation 2040,
    And Bringing the TWEA Inland, Imposing Military Government

    This Amended WWI Statute in fact regards all “PERSONS”
    “Within the United States” as seized property of the federal government
    To be treated as “belligerents” and “rebels” by the Conqueror.

    These “belligerents and rebels” are publicly residing in the
    Several States Now considered to be “conquered territories.”

    By 1939 all American Common Law Civil Process will be gone.
    In its place will be Roman Civil Law Martial Process
    Imposed on all “PERSONS” (natural and artificial) subject to the Conqueror’s
    De facto Equity Jurisdiction of the “United States.”

    This Martial Process will apply to all Public “United States Citizens.”
    This Martial Process cannot apply to Private “Citizens of the United States,” Privately residing on the land at Common Law
    while holding Private State Citizenship pursuant to
    Section 1 of the 14th Amendment.
    “The Emergency Banking Relief Act”

    This Act accomplished the Design of the Society of Jesus in “the Company’s” Great Conspiracy against the Liberties of the United States set forth in Samuel Morse’s Nineteenth century masterpiece, Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States (1835). Just as the Order had brought the Admiralty inland in the days of King Charles Stuart I of England thereby attempting to do away with the English Common Law on the land, the Jesuits accomplished essentially the same thing here in America with this Act aided by the “Roosevelt Court.”

    In the passing of this Act which the emotionally distressed Congress never read, the following must be understood:

    1. The “Trading With the Enemy Act,” as passed originally in 1917, was made to apply to any “enemy” of the United States.

    2. The “enemy” was defined to be “any individual, partnership, or other body of individuals of any nationality, resident within the territory of any nation with which the United States is at war.”

    3. Other enemy “individuals” were defined as “natives, citizens, or subjects of any nation with which the United States is at war, other than citizens of the United States.” These “citizens of the United States” in 1917 held Private citizenship of the United States without having been reduced to the inferior citizenship status of being property of and surety for the State-created Public “citizen of the United States,” which public citizenship status was imposed on March 9, 1933.

    4. The “Trading With the Enemy Act” also defined the term “person.” A “person” was “deemed to mean an individual, partnership, association, company, or other unincorporated body of individuals, or corporation or body politic.” Therefore a “person” could only be an artificial person in privilege, not a natural person at law.

    5. Therefore, a “person” as defined by the “Trading with the Enemy Act” DID NOT INCLUDE a “citizen of the United States,” which at the time was a Private citizen.

    6. The “Emergency Banking Relief Act” of March 9, 1933, amended the “Trading With the Enemy Act” of 1917, to bring the TWEA inside the United States by applying it to “any person within the United States.”

    7. The “Emergency Banking Relief Act” defined any “person” to mean “an individual, partnership, association or corporation.” The term “person” was not defined to mean a “citizen of the United States.” The term “person” excludes a “citizen of the United States,” specifically, a Private “citizen of the United States.”

    8. Therefore, both the “Trading with the Enemy Act” and the “Emergency Banking Relief Act” defined a “person” to be an artificial entity (obviously being a partnership, association, or corporation) to include an “individual” American to be treated as artificial entity.

    9. For that “individual” American to be treated as an artificial entity, his Private “citizenship of the United States” had to be reduced by an implied, constructive contract by operation of law to the inferior grade of corporate citizenship.

    10. The corporation that is a citizen is a “Public” citizen of the United States. It is created for the benefit of the public. The corporation is not a “Private” citizen of the United States. Only individual Men and Women can be “Private” citizens of the United States as intended by Section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment.

    11. Therefore, neither the “Trading With the Enemy Act” nor the “Emergency Banking Relief Act” defined an enemy “person” to include a Private “citizen of the United States.” The term “citizen of the United States” is silently excluded from being defined as a “person” within both acts.

    12. Therefore, the Private “citizen of the United States” is protected in his citizenship status by Section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

    13. Because the individual Private “citizen of the United States” is protected by Section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment, he was specifically EXCLUDED by definition from the “Emergency Banking Relief Act,” which act of FDR’s War Powers Congress (by way of the “Trading With the Enemy Act”)—operating on “any person within the United States—a martial process upon the courts, federal and state, after April 25, 1938.

    14. Therefore the good news is, all Private “citizens of the United States” are protected in their private right to a civilian due process of law by Section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment.

    15. And therefore, all Private “citizens of the United States” are not subject to the provisions of the “Emergency Banking Relief Act” including a martial due process imposed by the “Trading With the Enemy Act” upon any artificial “person” within the United States.

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