Fountain Valley California CITY COUNCIL


The citizens of Fountain Valley elect five members of their peers to represent them on the City Council.  The City Council Members serve four year terms.  The City Council’s responsibility is to develop public policies, approve programs, and allocate revenues to meet the needs of the City.  They also serve as the legislative body and exercises the legal powers designated to them by the state government code pertaining to general law cities. The City Council also functions as the Successor Agency to the Fountain Valley Agency for Community Development. .

Council Meetings are held the first and third Tuesdays of every month at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers located at City Hall, 10200 Slater Avenue.  Those wishing to address the City Council on items that are not scheduled on an Agenda may do so during the Matter’s from the Audience portion during each Council Meeting.

Disclosures & Ethics

The Political Reform Act requires public officials to disclose assets and income that may be materially affected by their official actions.  The Act requires governmental agencies to ensure that their public officials (City Council, Board, and Commission members; Employees, and Consultants) disclose their interests on or before the statutory deadlines.  The City Clerk is the Official Filing Officer for the City of Fountain Valley, and is responsible for the collection, maintenance, and protection of filing and disclosure documents. Additionally the City Clerk is responsible for ensuring public access to these materials as prescribed by the California Fair Political Practices Commission.

The City Council Members, Cheryl Brothers, John Collins, Mark McCurdy, Steven Nagel, and Michael Vo, are elected officers identified in Government Code Section 87200 and file Statements of Economic Interest Forms with the City Clerk’s Office. Copies of the statements filed by the City Council may be obtained by visiting the Fountain Valley’s City Clerk’s Office at 10200 Slater Avenue, Fountain Valley, or by accessing the Fair Political Practices Commission webpage at

We are happy to assist you.  If you need assistance or have questions, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (714) 593-4445.

FPPC Reporting

Agency Report of Public Offical Appointments- FPPC Form 806

Contact Us:

Council Member Vo Mayor Michael Vo

Term expires: November 2014
Committee Appointments

Advisory Committee For the Disabled – Alt.

Public Cable Television Authority – Chair

League of CA Cities Delegate

Orange County Sanitation District – Alt.

OCTA I-405 Policy Work Group – Alt.

Steve Nagel Mayor Pro Tem Steve Nagel
Term expires: November 2016
Committee Appointments
Fountain Valley Community Foundation
Orange County Sanitation District

Legislative Committee


photo Council Member Cheryl Brothers

Term expires: November 2016
Committee Appointments

Legislative Committee

Public Cable Television Authority

Orange County Library Advisory Board – Alt.

Vector Control Board

john collinsd Council Member John Collins

Term expires: November 2014
Committee Appointments
Advisory Committee for the Disabled

OCTA Cen. Co. Corridor Policy Advi. Comm. – Alt.
SNA River Flood Protection Agency

So. Cal. Joint Powers Ins. Agency



Mark McCurdy Council Member Mark McCurdy

Term expires: November 2014
Committee Appointments

Orange County Library Advisory Board

OCTA I-405 Policy Work Group





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