Man who indicted Obama to form whistleblower group

Man who indicted Obama to form whistleblower group

Swensson: Pitchfork and torch-bearers need not attend.


  2. Boards of Government Review – The People are Rising Up and coming for you.

  3. Endowed by their Creator…The People are the Final Arbiters.

Carl Swennson

Carl Swennson

STOCKBRIDGE — Frustrated over the difficulty for the average citizen to instigate change in government at the national level, a local man says he’s aiming to form a whistleblower group in Henry County to hold government officials more accountable.

Carl Swennson, who owns CAS Computers Inc. in Stockbridge, said he’s only lived in Henry County for about a year and doesn’t know much about local current events, but he said this is his way of being proactive and “doing (his) due diligence.”

That’s why he bought a half-page ad in the Jan. 4 edition of the Henry Daily Herald to invite like-minded people to join his cause, which he named the Patrick Henry Board of Review.

The ad begins with the question “Do you REALLY want to make a difference?” and offers details on the event, slated for Jan. 18 in Stockbridge’s Ted Strickland Community Center.

And while he recoils at the idea that the group will be little more than a “pitchfork-and-torch” band of vigilantes, he acknowledges that the group can sound aggressive to some.

“We’re going to be reassuming our rightful positions in this form of government and make sure public servants are just that,” Swennson said. “I have no reason to believe anybody is doing anything illegal right now,” he added.

So, what exactly is the Patrick Henry Board of Review? The long answer, according to the advertisement, is that a board of volunteers will be elected to share their “desire to repair the current system and stand as an example for other counties to engage their own boards of review, putting all levels of government on notice that we the people are now awake and fully prepared to assume our rightful place in the American system of government.”

Swennson formed his own grand jury to indict President Barack Obama for fraud and prevent his name from appearing on the Georgia election ballot in 2012, but that plan failed when the courts used, in Swennson’s own words, “some weird ruling from Indiana” to disprove the allegations.

Now, he says he’s learned from that experience that citizens have next to no recourse to change the way state and national government works, so he’s taking his efforts to the local level.

The overlying purpose of the group, according to the advertisement he placed in the Herald is “…(to assert) our rights and responsibilities by doing our civic duty to monitor and oversee city and county operations, insuring [sic] compliance to the rule of law and the oath of office of all elected and/or appointed public servants.”

The former Clayton County resident formed a similar group there, and found a few cases where public officials either mishandled taxpayer funds or allegedly violated the public trust in some way. He took his findings to the Clayton County District Attorney, but no charges were ever filed.

He says he hopes it doesn’t come to that in Henry County. While he hopes the group will be nothing more than “a club where people meet regularly and read books,” he pointed out that government malfeasance happens “more that you might think.”

Although government officials are welcome at the event, he said, Swennson will be screening attendees to some extent in an effort to minimize the presence of government employees. He added that he hopes to form positive relationships with local leaders of law enforcement and judicial entities, as well as city council members and county commissioners.

“We’re taking a common law perspective, where the people don’t just assume their rights in doing things, they reclaim their rights,” he said.

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