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Political False Flag Incident imprisons Darren Huff – Appeal Hearing

Political False Flag Incident imprisons Darren Huff – Appeal Hearing The Post & Email » Eyewitness Report on Darren Huff Appeals Hearing » Print People must see for themselves the sworn affidavits deliberately hidden that prove the conspiracy and the … Continue reading

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Catholic diocese files for bankruptcy! More NWO failure?

Thank you x Catholic diocese files for bankruptcy protection The Associated Press – By MATT VOLZ – Associated Press 7 hours ago Helena Bishop George Leo Thomas speaks at a news conference on Friday, Jan. 31, 2014, in Helena, … Continue reading

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Public Safety Accountability – PENAL CODE SECTION 830-832.17 Excerpt from content listed below with respect to public safety accountability…. (1) As to any public offense committed or which there is probable cause to believe has been committed within the political subdivision that employs the peace officer or … Continue reading

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Fountain Valley California CITY COUNCIL CITY COUNCIL The citizens of Fountain Valley elect five members of their peers to represent them on the City Council.  The City Council Members serve four year terms.  The City Council’s responsibility is to develop public policies, approve programs, … Continue reading

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Yes….Chemtrails are real.

ChemTrails Chemtrails_Chemistry_Manual_USAF_Academy_1990-OPT Chemtrails over the skies of southern California Chemtrails over the city hall of Fountain Valley Your Mayor and city council or county commissioners are responsible for the safety and welfare of all people in their jurisdiction.  By permitting … Continue reading


Russell Investments’ chief economist found dead Russell Investments’ chief economist found dead in Tacoma Mike Dueker – Chief Economist Russell Investments Russell Investments’ chief economist found dead in Tacoma The Associated Press January 30, 2014 Updated 19 hours ago Russell Investments chief economist Mike Dueker … Continue reading

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ObamaCare Creates Unconstitutional Army-“HR3590 – Revealed Tyranny”

Thanks to John Rolls. ObamaCare Creates Unconstitutional Army-“HR3590 – Revealed Tyranny”

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Oklahoma Bill Introduced to Nullify Obamacare

Thanks to David for providing this template. Please use it in good health! David Lonier Precinct Delegate 1842 Commonwealth Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326 248-373-9111   Dear Name of your Senator/Representative, READ about how the ACA allows the Feds to come … Continue reading

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Colorado Attorney General John Suthers – Derelict, Ignorant or Corrupt?

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers – Derelict, Ignorant or Corrupt? Welcome to the homepage of the Office of the Attorney General and the Colorado Department of Law. It is a distinct honor and privilege to serve as Colorado’s 37th … Continue reading

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Lebanon county clerk of court charged Lebanon County Clerk of Courts Lisa Arnold charged in 203 cases AG charging Lisa Arnold with obstructing administration of law in 203 cases By Andrea Rich Updated:   01/23/2014 12:47:19 PM EST submitted/Lebanon Daily News. Lisa Arnold. Prothonotary … Continue reading

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