Military Mission: Protect Americans; not Foreign Corporation!

Thanks to Nancy Battle.

Military Mission: Protect Americans; not Foreign Corporation!

General David E. Quantock,
the Commanding General of
the U.S. Army
Criminal Investigation Command (CID)
in his official capacity as Provost Marshal General


Dear General Quantock,

The original intent of forming the military was to protect Americans.  We are rapidly becoming aware that through deception and deliberate fraud, a foreign owned corporation has usurped the government of the American people.

The first evidence of this fraud was in 1865 with the unlawful convening of a body called the Congress at gun point.  Assembling such a legislative body by such unlawful means is fraud.

The consequence of such a fraudulent act deprived the legitimacy of such a body and the actions of all subsequent unlawful bodies.  The American people have been deceived into believing the agencies located in Washington DC is the government of the American people.  In reality, it appears Washington DC is populated by a group of impersonators posing as officers of the federal government.  General, this is a felony.

General, from what I can tell, the American people, have no legitimate government at any level.  Please review the following so you can assess the documentation for yourself.

International Organizations Immunities Act, December 9, 1945

PURGE OF THE AMERICAN MILITARY! General Quantock…If not now…when? If not you…Who?

Montrose County, Co. – Retaliation?

Colorado BAR – to be Dismantled? A foreign Control Mechanism over Courts.

Randy Due appeal to Provost Marshal General for direct intervention as prescribed by law when all other lawful remedies have been exhausted.

Randy Due Case

On Dec 28, 2013, at 11:26 PM, Paterik Tobias wrote:

“Forewarned” Always has been, Is, and Will Always and Forever Be, “Fair Warned!”

Note you will hear where this jackal, Obama, got his idea that the Constitution is outmoded … A statement he personally made within the first weeks of occupying our W.H., in addition to saying that it is a hindrance to his ability to govern as he wants …! Not as the constitution allows and gives him authority to …!

A TIME FOR CHOOSING (The Speech – October 27, 1964)

I’ve sent this out about this same time over the years, and this year especially, as “WE” get ready to start a new year, encumbered with a far greater, more horrendous nightmare than any other since Dec. 7, 1941 and again September 11 2001, combined; This year starts out with obama’s Obamacare requirement. Note, I did not say “law!” for obvious reasons!

And don’t forget, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has already warned us that ‘Obamacare is not a legal law, informing us that any “law” that blatantly violates the constitution, “does Not Have To Be Enforced, and Does Not Have To Be Obeyed!” The reason is that said “law” is purposely a revenu generating “law” and as such MUST first start in the Senate; This “law” started in the House, rendering it in effect illegal and ‘null and void!’

The only way “WE” are going to stop this debacle of government intrusion into our personal lives, and the revocation of our rights, as in this case, the freedom of choice, with the stroke of a pen is to ignore what that pen stroke attempts to invoke, in this case, Obamacare and just refuse to recognize or obey it!

If “WE” ALL JUST SAY “NO!” as I will do, now and forevermore, “WE” can drive both Obamacare and that carpetbagger jackass right out’a town, on a rail if necessary!

So, come January 1st, 2014, Just Say “NO!” to Obama and Obamacare! Both you, me, Chief Justice John Roberts, and the nation will be the better for it, and We ALL will sleep better for it!!


The time was different but the story the same….

Different issues…?  Or were they the same with different names….

Do you see the cycles….just long enough to be beyond the reach of most people.

History repeats itself…?

Or are the same type of events repeated as a result of manipulation by people determined to rule the world.  People who have been planning world domination for hundreds of years.

About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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2 Responses to Military Mission: Protect Americans; not Foreign Corporation!

  1. tina says:

    Arnie, excellent article. You Sir are a hero. Your countless hours spent are priceless,precious. I have been searching your website trying to find the previous article to General Quantoc. Did you ever receive a response from him? I don’t believe you did. Please correct me if I am wrong. Arnie,it is time to start sending your blasts to State reps. For the time has come to remove thee corruption. They can step down voluntarily or not. Let the chips fall where they may. Thankyou, Arnie for your love of God and Country. p.s. please send Nancy my e-mail. Thanks, Tina

  2. Jim Colter says:

    As Ronnie said .. “There is no left or right, only up or down.” It seems to me that he and his speech writers were pretty aware of the ever growing corruption with in our Federal Govt. and it’s
    agenda towards a one world govt. in a communist style. It’s sad to learn that some were aware of
    this enemy more than 50 yrs ago and had no success in exposing it, much less slow it’s progress.
    But then it was far more easy for the media to control the propaganda being shoveled to us.
    As a young child during the “Police Action” in Vietnam, I remember asking my dad (a Korean War Vet) .. Why don’t we declare war ? Why are we dragging this out ? His reply summed it up …
    “It’s those damned politicians !!.” He went on to describe their “Rules of Engagement” .. which
    he told me actually started during the Korean .. “Police Action”. It was all bullshit he said, they
    would put Generals in charge that would dictate the most ridiculous policies, you could tell that logic was not being applied. Well folks our enemy is marching ahead with it’s agenda to cripple
    America and they are getting closer to going for checkmate .. however, they weren’t aware of
    just how effective the Internet would be in exposing their plans. The enemy recognizes that the
    “Masses” as they refer to us as, have become aware and they are accelerating their tactics.

    Are you ready for an “American Spring” ??

    In Liberty,

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