Montrose County, Co. – Retaliation?

Montrose County, Co. – Retaliation?


Update:  Payback! Montrose County Retaliation

On Dec 28, 2013, at 8:46 AM, Steve Curry <> wrote:

It’s been a long night, Arnie!  I was just preparing to get to bed, last night (Friday, 12/27), when at 8:00pm, three “Officers of the Court,” masquerading as Montrose County Sheriff Deputies, crept up the driveway, without lights, criminally trespassed on to my property, without notice, and proceeded to break & enter into home to serve me an unlawful, illegal, and unconstitutional warrant for my arrest!  This order was issued by fascist judge, Craig P. Henderson of the Mesa County.  Last night’s episode lines up as a clear reprisal for my ordering his arrest, and the revocation of his bonds.  Henderson is the same fascist that served a warrant on Lew Pollard in Fruita, CO this past July. Lew was gunned down in his doorway by Fruita Policemen!  Henderson almost went two-for-two, last night!  In Henderson’s case, I’m certain there many more being shootings being swept under the carpet in the RED ROOM!

As these morons tried to coax me outside, and tried to grab my arm, Sandra & I continued to argue that they had no authority, they did not have our consent, and that I was a Federally-protected witness, and informant, into the racketeering, conspiracy, money laundering, sedition, and multiple acts of treason by Henderson, Deiste, the City Attorney, John Shaver, and the City’s Risk Manager, David Roper, along with the three Grand Junction City Policemen, Chief Camper, Commander Nordeen, and Ryan Petrowski!

Each response from all three knuckleheads, with one being a young woman, appropriately named, Angel Grubbs, a Patrol Deputy, was they don’t care about trespassing, any my Bill of Rights, Due Process, or being a Federally-protected witness!  I ask them, repeatedly, to state their “Oaths,” but not one would respond, “I don’t know what you are talking about!”  And, none of them knew they were bonded by the taxpayer!!

I heard several times, “Mr. Curry, you do not have any rights!”

Sandra & I held them off for about fifteen minutes, as they could not coax, or threaten me into coming outside, so they forced their way in.  At one point, Sandra held all three of them off, while I retrieved my loaded 30/30.  Returning to the front hallway, and holding the rifle at my side, all three mobsters immediately ducked behind Sandra, and brandished their Glocks, and then screamed and yelled, as they powered their way over Sandra, who was pushed to her knees, in their attempts to get me to drop the weapon.  All three of their weapons were pointed at my head, along with a powerful light beam, beyond which I could only see their handguns propped over Sandra’s head!

I was, extremely, proud of Sandra!  She’s 69 years old, and here she was blockading these young, ignorant, bastards, long enough for me to head for my rifle!

I put the rifle on the couch, and they pounced, slapping on the handcuffs, and they continued to scream out their demands, despite Sandra’s & my resolve to keep the situation from escalating.  But, escalate it did, and this is what these muttonheads wanted!  At one point, Sergent Sanders, the “headcheese,” brandished his taser, and threaten to take me down, if I did not drop to my knees!  I REFUSED TO DROP TO MY KNEES!  I told him that he works for me!  He did not like that very much, saying, “I do, huh?”

I had just left the shower, and had a pair of sweats on, and socks.  One of these showtime officers led me back to my bedroom, and put my shoes on.  With no hat, or coat, and only two layers for 10 degree night air, it was a chilly ride to the jail, where I spent the next 3 hours being processed, booked, mug shot, fingerprinted, before starting the exit process, where I posted a $540.00 EZBond, with the promise to appear on 1/27/2013, in Mesa County Court @ 8:00am.  It was 12:20am before I was given a “courtesy ride” back to my home 15 miles away!

This episode was a bit more dramatic than my alleged arrest, back in January of 2012, but, in both cases, I was never read my rights, or given any level of due process!  None of these “officers” knew the “M” word, and last night, Ms. Angel told me, “I don’t have to give you your rights!  You have none!”

Any guesses as to what my next step will be, Arnie!!

Just wanted you to know, the WAR has begun, and no one has any rights, whatsoever!  This includes property rights!  It could be a good time to call in the Militia!

Just for the record, and for your publication & dissemination, the other two “arresting officers” were Patrol Sergent, Keith Sanders, and Patrol Deputy, Darren Longmore.  I would not want to be in their shoes, when the SEC, and the U.S. Attorney General, ask them what the hell they are doing harassing & arresting one of their witnesses, and informants!  We will have to roll out the black mats for these varmints!

More on this saga, a bit later, Arnie!!  In the meantime, you know what to do!


About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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4 Responses to Montrose County, Co. – Retaliation?

  1. Rene Stover says:

    I believe Steve is right when he says it is time to call out the militia, however where are the militias? As much as we would like it, one or two persons do not make a militia, and as yet, the majority of Americans still don’t know what is going on.

  2. Mike Travis says:

    Originally, the Militias were all the people. Through a century and a half of lies, the government has virtually erased Militias from our knowledge, even though they were part of the “necessary” aspect of our God given rights as acknowledged in the 2nd Amendment.

    Unless the Sheriff of your county supports lawful Militias, it will be difficult to muster any group that can stand up with authority to block unlawful actions in your county. I hope your Sheriff understands the Constitution though if not, the Militia is probably not an option. God speed!

    • Mike Travis says:

      Since I could not edit my post, I wish to add:
      Seeing that it was sheriff deputies who unlawfully “arrested” you, it would be unlikely your sheriff would support anything to do with a MiIitia.

  3. Tom Conoley says:

    Stupid is as stupid does …

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