From a friend of freedom…

I wish to thank you for all you do in taking a Stand for FREEDOM.  As we all are becoming more aware of the fact that there literally is NO JUSTICE within our alleged system, we are faced with a choice.  Our choice determines our destiny in this life and the next.  You can be most certain you are being watched over and protected by most benevolent BEings.

Personally, I’ve been through a few experiences (although, not so intense) that have taught me that according to the System, we don’t have any Rights guaranteed to us in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  That’s by design.  We have been in perpetual wars to ensure that these rights are never restored.  We are under Martial Law and it will remain so until we collectively bring peace back to earth.  In order to bring peace, we must be peace.  What does this say to us?

These criminal acts will not go unanswered and the contrast these BEings display will bring clarity to many who still walk in the darkness of an illusion meant to teach us valuable lessons of personal I’m-Powerment.

Because we have no Lawful Justice in this land, you may wish to “rescind” your contract to reappear in their alleged court.   I am sharing an attachment you may wish to use.  It is a “Demand and Cease and Desist Order” in full compliance with their “Public Policy”/Codes and Statutes.  I will also include an “Offer to Contract” which you may send to each and every officer who played a part in this treasonous act.  Your Summons to Appear can be rejected without dishonor until they provide documentation proving who they actually are.  They will not be able to rebut and therefore, you will never be required to appear.  It’s not to say they won’t send agents of enforcement after you again, but at least you are letting them know they are barking up the wrong tree.

You have three (3) days in which to rescind a contract where you’ve made a promise to appear under duress.    By editing the UCC Demand Notice in accordance with your case, you may send shivers down these peoples spine who have no idea what trouble they are getting themselves into.  These filings stand unrebutted and as such, stand as LAW.  All men and women of this planet now stand as a Sovereign, in a realm of unlimited Liability and Response-ability.  No one is above the LAW as their are NO CORPORATE VEILS offering immunity to any who knowingly, willingly and intentionally bring harm to another.  Stand in this truth and you will reign over the all.

I leave these with you to do as you Will and would like to know more of what you do from your perspective.
<UCC DEMAND_summons Court J Bush 2.pages>
<OPPT Courtesy Notice Peter Weir.pages>

I am friends with a woman who is friends with Rob Marquez.  If you aren’t aware of Rob, he is the gentleman from the “Chair of St. Pete at the Vatican” who challenged the bankruptcy courts in the Detroit Bankruptcy because there can be no bankruptcy.  All debts have been forgiven.  He knows how to challenge the courts, yet they drummed up false charges in order to arrest him and throw him in jail.  There is no justice.  They are loosing their grip on power and are grasping for straws.  You are sharing that message with many who need to witness it.  I will share some personal communication coming from Rob’s family as it relates to how the alleged courts are behaving….

These are facebook communications from my friend Judy:

Judy Vancil Jandora    8:35am Dec 4
Here’s an update from Rob marques’s sister. Hi Judy update on the robs court hearing.. I’ve never seen what I saw in that court room today.. No one has a right in their house..
We do not know yet. when we first got there, a court attendant.. asked if there were any witnesses present. That was a new one and very odd, none of us complied. The judge heard 6-7 extradition cases in a private room on a tv. We saw Rob in the room.. then the guards took him out of the room. The judge took a recess, when he came back in, the prosecutor said they had NO paperwork from SC and wanted re-schedule another hearing in 30 days. They brought Rob OUT into the courtroom in shackles and handcuffs, right in front of us. Rob turned and winked at me, as he knew we were all there.There were 10 witnesses.The judge asked if he was going to sign the waiver to SC. He said “No” and asked if he could speak. The judge said “yes.” Rob asked question #1. Who is the injured party here? The judge said, “we do not have to tell you that.” Question 2 ~ Is this an Article 3 or Article 5 Court? The judge said “neither” Question 3. -What authority are you under?.. The judge gave the nod and had the guards drag him away as Rob was yelling” my rights have been violated”. I heard yelling in the back hallway.. then i heard them laughing. (i am not sure who it was). The Judge did not know what to do and left the bench for the second time and everyone in the court was in disarray. . Two of our witnesses did not stand when the judge came out and the judge looked right at us , and threatened that he would remove them from the court. They also changed the judge from the one who heard his case last time. (this time it was the judge that saw robs executor docs and stamped the copy “Take NO Action” and returned the a copy of the partial doc to Rob) He was another associate judge. The bailiff was telling the audience this case is over.. you all can leave now,then another bailiff said, “you can be seated if you want to stay.” Well we all left after a few minutes all at different times. We had 2 witnesses who sat in the back. (they were robs good friends). they heard the bailiff say..they are all gone.. then the judge re-entered. He left the courtroom a second time when they took Rob out and would not come out until we all left??? We do not know what is going on.. I am hoping they do not put Rob on lockdown. I am hoping to hear from him tonight. He put in a Habeas Corpus in the Circuit Court but they never even got to that.. Rob was respectful until they drug him out..

This was not fun to watch.. But we have many witnesses and it seemed like they seemed very afraid.
Thank you for all the love and support.. Peace be with you on your journey
Judy Vancil Jandora    7:48am Dec 27
This is a message from Lori Marques today, about Rob Marques and what is going on with him now:

Hello Judy hope you had a very merry Christmas and a fabulous birthday… I have an update if you could share that would be great. Rob was sent to Annapolis and at that meeting the states attorney told Rob “well if we don’t send you to SC then then SC can sue MD so sign the waiver and deal with the charges down there. My brother asked if he was a public servant and he him hauled around the question and said “well kind of”.. Needles to say the corruption goes very high up the ladder. They sent rob back to Washington county as hr would not sign. I have an email from my parents I would like you to share. Were asking for lots of energy for robs Jan 2 court date. Rob is now very confident and ready to move forward he just needs a little help from the people. I love and appreciate you and all the others who are holding him in the light as he is truly trying to help free everyone by going through this experience..
Hi Everyone;

I hope you all had a wonderful Christ-mas. It is time once more for another re-consideration hearing in Washington County District Court for Rob on Jan 2@ 1Pm. Rob has asked this one last time for your support at the hearing. The FBI has been contacted and is aware of Robs situation. Hopefully, they will visiting Rob soon for an interview. If FBI does not get to interview him by Jan 2.., (which i doubt they will not) he is planning on opening up the court in original jurisdiction. We are inviting the FBI to witness the proceedings and I may even call the media to sit in. The FBI has been Noticed of Robs status as a Diplomat and is under the protection of Title 18. The courts and the warden have been carbon copied on the documents that were sent to the FBI.
We have all been 1st hand witnesses of what happens when Rob and witnesses enter the court room. This time.. some of us will not remain silent and say nothing if the judge leaves the bench and hauls Rob off again.Download pictures Which Rob will be prepared for. We will remain in peace and honor but will speak up. Once again they are going to try to get Rob to consent to being the ALL CAPS name that he is not. Please email me if you can definitely make the hearing. We are forever in your good graces for your attendance.. Thank you all so much and have a wonderful and blessed New Year.

Frank & Terry Marques

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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