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Published: July 30, 2013 Updated: Aug. 21, 2013 12:28 p.m.
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F.V. district seeks consultant to raise profile


Fountain Valley School District trustees are looking to hire a public relations consultant or firm to help the district raise more money.

At their board meeting last week, members said the district’s current funding is not ideal – a main reason why the board wants to raise its profile.
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Students in the district get about $5,260 per year under the budget passed in June, though the district expects that amount will increase to about $5,986 under the recently passed state Local Control Formula.

“We’re way past car washes and bake sales,” trustee Judith Edwards said at the July 25 meeting. “We have money to cover our bills, but over and above what’s absolutely required, we can’t do the extras that Irvine and some of these other districts can.”

The new firm or individual would help catalyze the district’s fundraising efforts, though trustees did not specify a job description or projected fee for the services.

The outside consultant or consultant firm would not go through the normal hiring procedures in the district, board President Sandra Crandall said in an interview. Instead, they would work for a specified number of months at a given rate, with severability clauses written into the contract, Crandall said.

Last month, Lynn Davis from Clifford Moss – a political strategy, communications and public relations firm – made a presentation on the benefits of raising the district’s profile and supporting the Fountain Valley Educational Foundation.

Fountain Valley Educational Foundation President Nicola Weiss and Treasurer Franck Bideau said they were excited about the possibilities and the opportunity to work with Clifford Moss in growing the foundation, according to minutes from the meeting.

However, the trustees didn’t vote to hire Clifford Moss at the meeting, instead asking Superintendent Marc Ecker to come up with a few other options, in addition to Clifford Moss, that the board could choose from.

“I believe this board likes to deliberate – we like options,” Crandall said. “With that in mind, we would need more time to look at the options before making a decision.”

The board plans to review proposals from other firms at that Aug. 15 meeting. The trustees said they will look at the firm or individuals’ track record and the price tag on the services before deciding whether or not to hire the outside help.

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