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Compromise? Horse Manure…Blackmail!

http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/illegal-immigrants-save-obamacare/2013/11/16/id/537025?ns_mail_uid=2181213&ns_mail_job=1546423_11162013&promo_code=15A07-1 Democrat’s Solution: Legalize Immigrants to Fix Obamacare Saturday, 16 Nov 2013 02:53 PM By Andrea Billups A crucial fix for the ailing Obama healthcare law could come in the form of legalizing immigrants so they could receive coverage and … Continue reading

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Common Law Grand Juries Established! – MAINE

Common Law Grand Juries Established! – MAINE 1001 – MINUTES – 11-9-2013

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Justice…A matter of Honor

Justice…A matter of Honor The UN’s worst Nightmare – It is Time for all Global Citizens to Unite! Common Law Grand Juries Established! – MAINE “THE PEOPLE’S” COMMON LAW GRAND JURY – Colorado KAMMERZELL RESPONSE Randy Due Case Judicial Corruption – SBX-211 Cover-up by California … Continue reading

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