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The fraud of Common Core exposed.

The fraud of Common Core exposed.

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Cestui Qui Trust = The Strawman

Karen Hudes – World Bank Whistle Blower A shameless plug for Mr. Chris Strunk and his incredible work. http://associationforsovereignhomerulewithin.org/ http://freedom-school.com/aware/cestui-qui-trust-the-strawman.pdf Cestui Qui Trust = The StrawmanRule of Grammar for the use of CAPITAL LETTERS used in a NAME: when CAPITAL … Continue reading

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Nigel Farage – Town Hall Meeting

Nigel Farage – Town Hall Meeting Please note the format of the meeting.  There are no apparent time limitations placed upon the speakers.  There is an open exchange between the elected officials and the constituents. While you may notice, the … Continue reading

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