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BREACH! Politically assassinate your elected officials! Remove them from public office forever!

BREACH!  Politically assassinate your elected officials!  Remove them from public office forever! Hear Steve Curry describe one more unbelievable story of government corruption with an international twist.  Yes…is this proof Bush really did it? More details coming soon…stay tuned. Total … Continue reading

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Silencing Dissent by SWATing messengers of truth

Thanks to Jim Colter Download, print and distribute locally.  We the people become our own media. Silencing Dissent

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Harpooning Goliath!: Restoring the Rule of Law!

Harpooning Goliath!:  Restoring the Rule of Law! A remedy achieved outside of the corrupt judicial system. Total PDF for download: MESA COUNTY SURETY BONDS REVOCATION Total PDF for download:  surety-bond-filing

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Inmates running the Assylum – Hard Evidence. Consider the following material offered at the three links below, when you review the hypocritical content provided below by some of our public servants.  NY Judges – Prudenti, Coccoma, Hinrichs and Scheinkman…charged with treason! Violated! Supreme Court; ObamaCare “unconstitutional!” The Fog … Continue reading

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NY Judges – Prudenti, Coccoma, Hinrichs and Scheinkman…charged with treason!

Press Release October 21, 2013  Click for PDF copy Released by New York is “ground zero” – A major grassroots’ movement that started in New York with the constituting of its first Common Law Grand Jury on July 18, … Continue reading



There never was any! Fraud on the people exposed! Max reveals Max about Tony Blair Karen Hudes Do not prosecute the bankers.

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Violated! Supreme Court; ObamaCare “unconstitutional!” Citizen’s civil rights violated under color of law. All constituents have standing to criminally charge their respective elected officials under US civil rights laws. The Fog is lifting… Interview with Randy Due on procedure to file criminal civil rights charges … Continue reading