“Obamacare” Plan and the RFID Chip

Update 10/29/13 11:30 AM PDT:

A word of caution on this matter…

Because of the controversial nature of this subject, we have asked a reliable source in Wyoming to verify these reports with parents in Hanna.  So consider this when reviewing this matter.

RFID Chip Now Being Issued In Hanna, Wyoming As Part Of New “Obamacare” Plan

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RFID Chip Technical Info

Here We Can See The Size And Shape Of The Exciting New RFID Chip

Hanna, Wyoming Followup 10-20-2013 Multiple Wyoming School Districts Implant Students With RFID Chip Technology Without Parental Consent

The “Obamacare” RFID chips are currently being given a test run on the proud and patriotic citizens of Hanna, Wyoming.

Over the last two weeks a special piece of legislation has been passed making it mandatory for anyone who receives welfare, or any other form of government assistance to be implanted with these new identification chips. Even select government employees and officials have been ordered to receive the new sub-dermal device, which is typically implanted in the fatty tissue of the individual’s buttock. Police officers, military, even garbage men will all be required to have the RFID chip by the end of next month or face termination from their jobs.

During the beta testing stage of this amazing new technological development, many news outlets have remained silent waiting to see how the trial pans out before reporting on the subject. National Report, always on the cutting edge, sent me on location to Hanna, Wyoming to speak with some of the towns folk and gather their opinions and experiences regarding their newly acquired RFID chips.

Tammy Josephine Laurence, a single mother of three who is currently accepting housing assistance got her chip implanted just hours before we had a chance to sit down and speak with her. She had the following to say:

“Well, they said I better do this, or they was gonna cut the welfare. I’m a full-time single mother. I got three young kids that need me at all hours and ain’t no man to help. I didn’t have no choice…”

When asked if the procedure was invasive she informed us that it was “a little like giving blood” and that she felt “tired after getting the implant” which apparently is a common but benign side effect.

I also spoke with Hanna, Wyoming’s Mayor Ted Howell, whose full support of the RFID chip made it mandatory for the citizens of his small community. Leading by example he was the first recipient of the RFID chip , having it implanted publicly at a recent town hall meeting. “This is change for a better, safer America” he said while undergoing the ten minute procedure. “With this scientific advancement, the terrorists do not stand a chance… USA will prevail…”

The ordinance has had some opposition, however, as several of the local churches have spoken out against the chips with protests. These fringe apocalyptic churches believe Obama to be the anti-Christ and claim the RFID chip is the Mark Of The Beast written about in their Book Of Revelations. They cite the RFID chip’s supposed serial number of 131618 as corresponding with Revelations 13:16-18. Of course, rural superstitions ultimately have no sway when it comes to the progressive new America and their scripture laden outcries have largely been ignored.

This journalist embraces the new change, and even got her very own RFID chip before heading back to the National Report’s home offices. The surgery was quick, simple and more or less painless. I can barely tell I’ve been implanted at all. A sacrifice I’ve gladly made for my country’s national security and hope you will too.

RFID Followup 10-25-13 RFID Mascot Begins Nationwide Tour To Help Alleviate Children’s Fears Of Implantation

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Jane M. Agni

Jane M. Agni

Jane M. Agni is a professional journalist residing in the rain-soaked city of Portland, Oregon. She has written for such fine websites as The B*tch Opinion and Sin-Eater Productions. Her book entitled “The States Of Shame: Living As A Liberated Womyn In America” appeared on Oprah’s Book Club and quickly went bestseller shortly thereafter. She’s currently at work on the follow up tentatively named “Sisters Of Shame: The Why In Womyn” . Jane M. Agni now writes full-time for National Report, giving her unique perspective on the latest world events.

965 Responses to “RFID Chip Now Being Issued In Hanna, Wyoming As Part Of New “Obamacare” Plan”

  1. Diane BENGHAZIGATE Campbell



    • Taylor

      Did you read the disclaimer on this site? These people are CITIZEN journalists. “The views expressed by writers on this site are theirs alone and are not reflective of the fine journalistic and editorial integrity of National Report. Advice given is NOT to be construed as professional.” I so hope you’re kidding. But just in case you’re not…. Stop talking..don’t vote..ever. If you are joking.. Dude that was really good I totally couldn’t tell!

    • Sammie Jo

      You know, you people are nuts, you destroy your credibility with these wild claims, none of this is happening and you know it. There is no mark of the beast and there is no beast except in your own delusions.
      I would love you to take me off your mailing list. You do know that by law you are supposed to have an UNSUBSCRIBE option on your emails.
      I am sick of getting emails from a bunch of crackpots, even glenn Beck has debunked this and the imaginary FEMA camps. Get a grip!

    • You think that’s scary. Under Obama care literally thousands of people will be forced to have their heads surgically removed from their anus.

  2. Diane BENGHAZIGATE Campbell



    Snopes is run by 2 flamming libtards who are a 2 person husband and wife teal who adore obama and will lie till the cows come home. LOL Snopes? Please get a rescourseful media. You can get elmer fudd to be more realistic and honest then snopes

  3. mark

    I do not like how this article tries to manipulate the reader into thinking only religious fanatics are opposed to this. The fact of the matter is the government has no need of a tracking device on citizens and there is no way i would ever get one.

  4. Kevin

    When the time comes make sure you write an article about what it was like getting it removed cause your not going to need it nor will it ever work in our life time. Is wal-mart going to scan my ass every time I get a prescription? The system is broke now, how on earth is that chip going to help? There is nothing, nothing in black and white that says how our government will help you if you get a chip. If you believe this chip is an answer then keep drinking the cool aid. I’m done with the democrats. I’m switching parties. I can’t believe I fell for Change, hook line and sinker.

  5. matt

    anyone comes at me with a needle and wants a shot at my butt, you have to go through my 9mm

  6. Angela

    Yeah and your freaking nuts news reporter! I don’t care , I’m not getting the chip! You people are crazy! Ill trust my bible, everything in it has come true so far. And even scientist now look to the bible for prophecy and for historical significants.

  7. How funny how a God many don’t believe in ha
    s once again written some thing in His book of truth that is here now that was impossible to understand two thousand years ago, Stalin,Hitler would have loved to see this in there hands!

    • Staciefanpll

      That is fucked up! Let that —— try to make me get a chip! He better hope his precious children are first in line!! I swear he doesn’t even deserve the title president! Fucktard is more like it!!! When is he going to realize that he ain’t worth the toilet paper I wipe my ass with! And he is the reason I quit serving my country! Like hell I would protect him i would point him out here he is fire away

    • John Q. Public

      I quite agree. Secular humanists and atheists, and the spiritually blind who cannot even say WHAT that believe about the soul of man and the afterlife, always want to lable we Christians as “nuts” and decry that our holy Scriptures are “fairy tales” But now how in the Name of He Who Is Holy, do they rationalize that a group of writers some two thousand years age foresaw a time when such a event as this would happen? “And it was given to it to give spirit to The Image of The Beast and to cause that all who would not worship the image of The Beast would be murdered. And it will cause all, small and great, rich and poor, Masters and Servants, to be given a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, That NO ONE MAY BUY OR SELL AGAIN except one who has the mark of the name of The Beast or the number of its name. Here is wisdom, and whoever has a mind in him, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man – 666.”Revelation 3:16-18, Aramaic Bible in Plain English


  8. I do not know the validity of this article; however, I think any citizen would be against this no matter what their religion otherwise we would be living in Orwell’s novel “1984″. Keep seeking the truth and do not be complacent. It is also important to not go snipe hunting, but to pay attention to real issues and stay focused on what is important.

  9. Anyone who get that chip is DOOMED!

  10. Gladitsnotme

    You are all aware that this website is a satirical news site, aren’t you? That nothing it reports on is true?

    • Sammie Jo

      No it’s not, but these people who believe in chips and marks of the beast are all nuts.

      • It may be that we who believe in a mark of the beast, and about an effulgent God who will someday end this colossal mess we are in, are nuts, but let me pose a question. If we are wrong, what have we lost, except your respect? But if you are wrong, what have you lost? Eternity. I will pray for you Sammie Jo. I am afraid evolution has set up most of the world for an overwhelming disappointment someday. No need of God because we evolved. But the father of evolution died a Christian, mourning his earlier foolishness. A visitor in his room shortly before his death records:
        “I made some allusions to the strong opinions expressed by many persons on the history of the Creation, its grandeur, and then their treatment of the earlier chapters of the Book of Genesis.”

        He (Darwin) seemed greatly distressed, his fingers twitched nervously, and a look of agony came over his face as he said: “I was a young man with unformed ideas. I threw out queries, suggestions, wondering all the time over everything, and to my astonishment, the ideas took like wildfire. People made a religion of them.”

        To his astonishment! The religion of “no God” is the most helpless, hopeless religion in the world.

  11. John in Patmos

    Revelation not Revelations.

  12. Suzanne

    To Whom it may concern:
    It is my right as a U.S. citizen and now of course getting kinda embarrassed about it (the u.s. citizen part that is) To let u know as my rights!!! I do not have to take on your damn OBAMACARE!!! I am not going to be forced to take on your insurance or your damn chip!!! I don’t need to be watched by u or anybody else!!!! Cause that’s all that chip is for Nice idea to say its for other reasons….. It will not only be used for medical, etc. You will probably use it for GPS, looking into somebodies finances Controlling our flipping lives NOT!!! Good luck on your OBAMACARE AND YOUR FLIPPING CHIP I would rather move out of the country than to deal with this crap!!!!

  13. Jim

    Got one? Don’t want it? I’m an OR nurse and I’ll take it out for you in an aseptic manner but it will cost you.
    If you are stupid enough to have let them put it in you in the first place you would have to have voted for our present POTUS. If you are that stupid then you deserve to have to pay through the nose to have it removed.
    The question I have is….Is this taken from Mad magazine and how many of you actually believe this? I have to believe that Obama voters would fall for it. I mean, they believed what he said, didn’t they?

  14. Mitchell Giberson

    Looks like Ryan’s Run.

  15. Why in Hanna, Wyoming of all places?

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