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Harpooning Goliath!: Restoring the Rule of Law!

Harpooning Goliath!:  Restoring the Rule of Law! A remedy achieved outside of the corrupt judicial system. Total PDF for download: MESA COUNTY SURETY BONDS REVOCATION Total PDF for download:  surety-bond-filing

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Inmates running the Assylum – Hard Evidence.

http://legaltimes.typepad.com/blt/2013/10/supreme-court-panel-talks-conflicts-and-cameras.html?kw=Supreme%20Court%20Panel%20Talks%20Conflicts%20and%20Cameras&et=editorial&bu=National%20Law%20Journal&cn=20131025&src=EMC-Email&pt=Legal%20Times%20Afternoon%20Update Consider the following material offered at the three links below, when you review the hypocritical content provided below by some of our public servants.  NY Judges – Prudenti, Coccoma, Hinrichs and Scheinkman…charged with treason! Violated! Supreme Court; ObamaCare “unconstitutional!” The Fog … Continue reading

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NY Judges – Prudenti, Coccoma, Hinrichs and Scheinkman…charged with treason!

Press Release October 21, 2013  Click for PDF copy Released by PressAgent@NationalLibertyAlliance.org New York is “ground zero” – A major grassroots’ movement that started in New York with the constituting of its first Common Law Grand Jury on July 18, … Continue reading



There never was any! Fraud on the people exposed! Max reveals Max about Tony Blair Karen Hudes Do not prosecute the bankers.

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