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“Liz’s Peoples Initiative News”

<mandatoryussmartgridblock@gmail.com> Also, my address is contact@thepeoplesinitiative.org.  Please be aware…This domain and address may be on a temporary block, so my newsletters have not been going through.  You can still email me at that address though, I just won’t be sending … Continue reading

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One country? Or two? The Alamo, 19 October 2013

So, which is it, Mr. Mayor? Which is it, City Council of San Antonio? Which is it, Chief McManus?  You tell us. But take care with your answer. For we are the 3% and we will honor our oaths to … Continue reading


I am considering bringing criminal charges against you.

20 October 2013 Representative Ron Barber House of Representatives Washington, DC 20515-0302 Open Letter Subject:  I am considering bringing criminal charges against you.  Why should I not do so? Dear Congressman Barber: I want publicly to thank you for your … Continue reading

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You Want Accountability?

You Want Accountability? No one is ever held accountable? One other really important point also comes to mind. Over time, the impostors in Washington…unlawfully impersonating officers of the people’s Congress, have managed to skew the responsibility of command or executive … Continue reading

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