Jesuits bankers hid the world’s treasure?

After watching this interview on RT recently.

We reached out to Senior Counsel for the World Bank turned Whistleblower Karen Hudes ( She gave us the following Press Release to publish. Its full contents are as follows; It has been edited and formatted slightly for posting.

The Greatest Heist in History; the Jesuits’ Bankers hid the World’s Treasure in the Philippines

The Federal Reserve System and the Jesuits’ bankers are trying to steal gold hidden in the Philippines to prop up their fiat currency. Instead, whistleblowers who reported corruption in the international monetary system are restoring plundered gold, gems, and other countless treasure to the world before these crooks declare martial law in the United States.

The Jesuits and the Vatican’s bankers are preventing the world’s wealth from being restored to the world’s people. A-100-030-Q-001/HISTORY REVISITED.pdf

These thieves also believe it is possible to take the Republic away from these United States on October 1, 2013.

Martial Law To Begin October 1st?

Karen Hudes provided an earlier warning.

Bombing Syria Will Lead to UN Peacekeeping Troops in Washington DC

Whistleblowers from the World Bank, together with Mark Novitsky and other whistleblowers in the financial system, have been reporting widespread corruption for ten years.

World Bank a security risk to the world order?

World Bank: Money Laundering Criminals | Interview with Whistleblower Karen Hudes

We are running out of time to fix this corruption.

MUST WATCH: Gold Backwardation-The Meltdown of All Meltdowns-Karen Hudes

Contact Information

Karen Hudes
Law Offices of Karen Hudes

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