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Interview with an American Political Prisoner; Randy Due.

http://randydue.wordpress.com/ With deep appreciation to Kate Durmus for creating this transcript. Reference:  Randy Due Case Randy Due, United States veteran, jailed for holding public officials to their Constitutional oaths. Interview by phone from prison October 8, 2013 Part 1 Hey, Arnie. … Continue reading

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Exposing Cruz, the Republicans and the Tea Party Patriots…?

Exposing Cruz, the Republicans and the Tea Party Patriots…? All engaged in fraud on the American people? Listen to this call for donations…which followed the Tea Party Patriots Conference call with Ted Cruz.  Ted Cruz – On his Filibuster…Are we … Continue reading

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The Government; They are just people.

Can anyone for sure tell you what is right or wrong? At a time when the media is controlled?  When the government which is supposed to be representing you, passes laws to permit them to manufacture events then have them … Continue reading

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