A New Political Party Aborning? by J. D. Longstreet


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The article below is certainly relevant to what is happening within the GOP all over the country.
The young “freedom” or “Liberty” people, as they are being called by the “Establishment” people, who are certainly the Leaders of Tomorrow, are being ignored and maligned by those that have power today.  Perhaps they think they are going to live forever!  All these young people are asking for is for the Republican Party to HONOR THE CONSTITUTION.

So, every one of them that have gotten involved in the Republican Party in the last few years joined thinking they were going to “Fight Democrats”!  Every one of them found that they have a full-time job fighting Establishment Republicans who, in their quest to RETAIN their POWER, were/are not paying much attention to the Democrats!  And, they were not willing to give up anything to the young people without a knock-down drag-out fight.

So, what did they encounter?  The establishment “manipulated, ignored or simply acted against the RULES of the Republican Party” – they did everything they could to prevent these young people from being involved (its a good thing these weren’t “planted Democrats” trying to gain a bit of control!).  They prevented them from entering conventions, from voting, and from getting on the Executive Committees.  They wrote New RULES on the fly.  They prevented vote counts, doctored the vote numbers, completely changed the agendas to confuse EVERYBODY and openly stated that “they have a problem with the Freedom People!”

The most common excuse is “We have payed our dues for years and deserve to run the Republican Party”.  They resent the fact that these young people came en-mass – many more that ever before in recent times (could this be “by chance” or for no reason?) – and were prepared to fight at the Conventions to have a voice.  And, those that were able to gain entrance to “the Forbidden City” found it even harder for them once inside – they were, and still are,  ridiculed, ignored, sent on wild goose chases.
Please explain it to me again – How is this going to help our country?

Well, they are speaking blasphemy!  They want to get rid of all the RINOS!  They want the US to again have the Rule of Law.  They are not in favor of unconstitutional laws that favor politicians at the expense of all others. They have this “weird” idea, just like the Founding Fathers had, that our Elected representatives could come to PROTECT our God-given Rights, work hard FOR us (their employers) for a limited time and then go back to their own private lives and vocations.
Go figure!

No matter that this has fractured the Republican Party to the point that we can’t win ANY votes that call for the Government to protect our Freedoms, Liberty, Lives and Property – and the Democrats are sailing smooth on their (our) road to Socialism.

I don’t think these young people are going to give up!  Of course, some have – what a terrible shame.  But, the ones that truly care about our country and our society are NOT going to give up.  They have their whole lives ahead of them and they do not like the picture being painted every day.

The truth is most of them never enjoyed the Freedoms that we enjoyed – they were raised in the last generation where these Freedoms were piece by piece removed.  But, these few, were raised to at least hear about Freedom and these young people are smart – they can envision Freedom.  And, they want it for THEIR children that are just now coming.

I love the Republican Party – and all that it stands for.  And, I believe these young people are our ONLY chance for a future that includes FREEDOM.
The solution is crystal clear:  Embrace the “Freedom People”.  They have lots of energy and want us to regain our status as the Greatest Country ever on the face of the Earth.  Show them how we can help them to help us all.  If we don’t embrace them – we will ALL lose.
They WILL be the Leaders of Tomorrow!  The only question is: “What will they be the leaders of?”

Monday, September 30, 2013
A New Political Party Aborning? … J. D. Longstreet

A New Political Party Aborning?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

I may be a bit premature with this, well, I don’t like calling it a prediction, because it isn’t.  So, let’s just refer to it as a, uh,  “future-probing observation.”

So, here’s what I THINK I see as I probe the future:
First, though, we need to consider what is happening within the GOP as I write.
There is an early stage revolution in full bloom amongst the leadership of the Republican Party.  The so-called “establishment” republicans are having their collective lunches eaten by the young lions from the conservative corner of the party. Not used to being challenged, the blue bloods and the country club republicans (sometimes referred to as the “establishment” republicans) are having a great deal of trouble holding their own.  In fact, they are losing ground as the passionate young conservatives, tired of the pats on the head, the condescension,  … all the treatment they have received as the red-headed step child of the GOP, are “kicking against the pricks” of the party with a vengeance.

Currently, the GOP has no national leader, at all!  None!  But that may be changing.  In fact, I believe it is changing — and if early movement is any indicator, the new leader of the GOP will be younger and far more conservative than any before him.
There is obviously a transformation taking place within the roots of Republican Party out here in the heartland.  Young Americans are becoming more and more involved in politics and many are finding they are conservative.  Their energy, their vigor, their passion, their zeal has been frightening to the old gray beards of the party.
These “young Turks” are not the least bit threatened by the gravitas, the weight, of the establishment republicans.  They simply don’t care.  Going along to get along is NOT AN OPTION for these youthful political gladiators.  They won’t “go along” with their own party — let alone the opposition.

The infusion of young, HOT, blood into the GOP could not have come at a more auspicious time.  Without leadership, the party was/is adrift and has become something of an after thought in Washington. While controlling only one house of the Congress, the GOP has been relegated to fighting a holding action, in a defensive posture.
The young conservatives, however, aren’t interested in defending anything. They have scaled the walls of the trenches, gone over the top, and are taking the fight directly to the opposition in “no quarter” battle.
Consider this:  In 2010, the Kentucky and Utah elected two U.S. Senators that would one day become top GOP grassroot leaders. U.S. Senator Rand Paul (KY-R) and U.S. Senator Mike Lee (UH-R). In the House of Representatives, Justin Amash (MI-3) also won his Congressional race as a liberty candidate. This was a victory for all liberty activists all around the nation. With Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Justin Amash winning their Federal elections, it sent a clear message to the Republican Party. A message that rings loud today is the message that liberty is taking over the GOP.

The liberty movement did not stop there, and after two years the message still held strong. In 2012, Texas held a tough primary election, but resulted in another win for the liberty movement. Now U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (TX-R), has been fighting to put liberty on the platform of the Republican Party.  With a string of election victories over the years, one can start to see the Republican Party take a turn in platform.”  SOURCE:  http://www.freedomworks.org/blog/danherrera1/the-republican-revolution-a-future-for-liberty-and
There can be no doubt that the Libertarian branch of the GOP has grown in influence and power in recent years within the national party and more so, it would seem, at the grass roots level.

There can also be no doubt that the Tea Party Movement has contributed greatly to the revolution within the republican party.
Look.  Conservatives have begged and pleaded with  the GOP to take the fight to the democrats and the party has simply refused.  Interpreting the hunkered-down position as a position of submission, conservatives have decided that if they must go down they will go down swinging — in defiance of their own party, if necessary.
Look for even more changes n the 2014 election.  More and more moderate and liberal republicans will be challenged in primaries by young conservatives across the country.

While we may not be seeing the birth of a NEW political party we may be observing the death of an old party — and a rebirth of the SAME party under new management.

As I noted at the beginning of this piece, this is NOT a prediction.  I am only attempting to follow the line of natural progression into the future of the GOP, only — as I see it.

The pale curtain that drapes between the present and future prevents us from great accuracy in reading events, which have not yet happened.   But projecting end results of current struggles and events would surely lead a reasonable person to conclude that, once again, the Republican Party is about to undergo a tremendous change.  One might say it is going “the way of the Whigs.”
© J. D. Longstreet

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1 Response to A New Political Party Aborning? by J. D. Longstreet

  1. Tenacity says:

    This is an excellent article. There are many constitutionalists of all ages who are fed up with the bankster establishment that have had a strangle hold on the GOP. They don’t just ignore the constitution, but they completely ignore the Party Platform. What the young folks are witnessing is that this ‘establishment’ in fact controls both parties. They have come to realize that the whole left-right debate is nothing but a smoke screen.

    what I believe it is going to take is for those described in the article above, that feel they have paid their dues, to get over their ‘Red White and Blue Fever’ and admit that they have been lied to. If they can’t or won’t face the fact that they have believed the lies, then they at least need to step aside and allow those willing to defend the Party Platform and the constitution lead the fight. This is a huge spiritual battle and the stakes are much higher that many have been willing to admit. Some like being in leadership just for the sake of being in leadership and will not open their eyes and ears to face the evil that has been controlling the Party.

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