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You and the IRS – One more act of deception – And Congress is complicit.

  Download, print and distribute locally. 609 – You and the IRS’ Deceit  


Liberty Fridays Protests RINO Congressman Mike Rogers

  From: “David Lonier” <davidlonier@gmail.com> Subject: For Liberty Fridays Protests RINO Congressman Mike Rogers Date: September 26, 2013 7:07:15 AM PDT To: “David Lonier” <davidlonier@gmail.com> Be There Tomorrow: 5pm!  Bring Signs: Rogers is a Traitor                    Yo, Mr. Rogers!                             Hey Mr. … Continue reading

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Rene…good news…America is still America.

Hi Rene, Good news…..America is still America. Even with their best efforts at deception…make no mistake about this Rene…the most destructive enemy America faces today is the Congress.  The whole Congress. As shocking as this may be to some people … Continue reading


The Americans

The Americans The Americans Overview This is planned to be offered to every global citizen who wishes to participate.  New country groups will be created as citizens decide to join and participate. Please contact me for more details.  arnie@arnierosner.com Arnie … Continue reading


Ted Cruz – On his Filibuster…Are we dumb, too trusting or just plain Ignorant?

With special insight provided by  Terry Dodd… Victoria, It was the least he could do…. Considering he, along with his co-conspirators, deliberately placed all Americans in this unconstitutional predicament ( Now About That Unconstitutional ObamaCare…) he is doing the best he … Continue reading