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A Prosecutor’s Hypocriticy – Would Al Capone Admit he was a Thief?

http://thetimes-tribune.com/news/group-pushes-for-common-law-grand-jury-1.1544761  Dear Katie, Your article, was most interesting and especially humorous.  The interesting part had to do with the fact that most Americans have no clue as to the truth about the American judicial system;  it is reportedly controlled by … Continue reading

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It is not your opinion that matters

Erik; No one explained it to you! Yes…of course we all know you are a cocky bastard…but….consider that is much better than a “jackass.” And yes…while you certainly have a right to your own opinion, as a public servant you … Continue reading

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As Maine Goes – So Goes The Nation!!!

  589 – As Maine Goes – So Goes The Nation!!!

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