And Chickens Have Lips – Agenda 21

And Chickens Have Lips – Agenda 21



EIB European fund seeks to spur real estate projects in smaller cities – and the UK is one of the top capital funders of the EIB…spending our money again…


HUD’s Suburban Expansion Plan Faces Community Opposition

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November 18, 2011

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) units are typically located in urban areas, but that trend may be changing. Agency policies now promote building or developing subsidized housing units for use by Housing Choice Voucher program participants in the suburbs. The measure is being met with opposition in some communities where local officials and residents fear rising crime rates, school over-crowding and fiscal harm to property owners and taxpayer supported operating levies.

HUD Suburban Relocation Plan

Prompted by an article published in the Atlantic Monthly by Hanna Rosin, HUD’s Office of Policy Development and Research initiated an investigation in the relationship between subsidized housing and crime rates. Rosin’s “American Murder Mystery” investigative piece focused on low-income housing in Memphis neighborhoods and crime increases linked to the units. HUD staffers conceded after studying 10 major cities that Rosin’s statement that crime in areas with subsidized housing did increase, but did not agree that the cause was program participants.

HUD maintains that housing units are often located in areas where crime already exists and more residents mean more opportunity for crime. The HUD desire to place more subsidized housing units in the suburbs is motivated by the idea placing low-income families in a low crime area where more social services exist to support their needs.

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