Rep. Mullin D2, OKLAHOMA – Publicly caught lying about his acts of treason?


Rep. Mullin D2, OKLAHOMA – Publicly caught lying about his acts of treason?


Think this is not a conspiracy?  Think again!

Below find a report exposing the Obama administration to federal crimes.

20100816 Oversight Committee obama administration propaganda report 2012 R42406

Then listen to the oversight committee’s press representative lay out the same defective logic justifying the criminal complicity of the Congressional Oversight Committee under the direct administration of Mr. Issa himself.

As to motivation?  You will have to think about that yourselves but…

Here is a report from data furnished by Open

This report reflects the increase in net worth for Congress representatives for 2010 over 2004.

01 Congress Gain in Net Worth 2010 over 2004 3534

For download

01 Congress Gain in Net Worth 2010 over 2004

This Congressman’s behavior is symptomatic of the endemic corruption of the entire government.  The viewer is strongly encouraged to review this official manual created to guide the Congress on their responsibilities.  Failure for Congress to perform to the minimum standards is a breach of their fiduciary responsibilities and a violation of their oath of office.   Both of the above failures are federal crimes with severe penalties.

For your convenience below please find several pages hinting at the broad reach of powers entrusted to the Congress in order to protect the public interest.


Voila_Capture4140 Voila_Capture4142 Voila_Capture4143 Voila_Capture4144





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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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5 Responses to Rep. Mullin D2, OKLAHOMA – Publicly caught lying about his acts of treason?

  1. Bob W. says:

    I disagree with this woman. Once congress certifies an election and the results thereof, then Snoopy the Dog could be president. Congress voted to certify obama. Nothing can be done after that. They CAN pursue impeachment but there has to be a paper trail and, so far, obama has been slippery than Slick Willy Clinton in avoiding anything that can be traced back to him. Trust me, they are trying.

    • arnierosner says:


      Thank you for expressing your point of view. However, the point remains, any lawful actions based upon fraud are null and void.

      I suggest you rethink the logic behind your comments.

      Thank you for your input.


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