The CAFR’s…The CAFR’s…The CAFR’s

The CAFR’s…The CAFR’s…The CAFR’s


Government Wealth Disclosure and progression over the years

by Walter Burien – – 07/24/13

Clint Richardson is a sharp cookie!

I started briefing him back in 2009 to 2010 and I did not have to repeat something twice. He picked up everything, snap, snap, snap. Within a year he took the ball and ran with it to present.

My National CAFR disclosure started in 1998 and Gerald Klatt ( I briefed at the end of 1999, and he as a federal auditor after being briefed on the “collective totals” and massive specialty investment accounts, three months latter after looking and confirming, he called and said to me: “Walter, what we have here in this country is 100% Communism under the guise of a free market capitalist system. The government owns and controls everything.”

I challenged him at that time, being that he was a retired federal auditor of thirty years, to launch a site focused on CAFR surplus reviews. Six months latter he launched Here is a copy of the first letter Gerald sent me from way back when –

Mr. Klatt died on his birthday, July 11th 2004 two months after having put up a fill in the blanks excel CAFR review program for cities, counties, school districts, and states. Here is the “State” CAFR review program I rescued from an archive of his site – After his death the review programs were stripped from his site by some unknown tactic. (creating that review program could have been the cause of his death. An open source CAFR review program made available to one and all)

I found out about his death when Gerald’s son from his 1st marriage called me in 2006 being that he could not find his father. I checked his house in Tucson, AZ – Sold. I checked his phone, email, and website information – no longer valid. I then searched the SS death records and discovered he died on 07/11/04. I then called and informed his son from Gerald’s first marriage of his fathers death. The circumstances of Gerald Klatt’s death to me are still UNKNOWN. The son who was living with Gerald Klatt when he died, Skip (Troy) Klatt was an attorney. What happened to him is also UNKNOWN to me. As of 2006 he was no longer registered as an attorney in the US or Canada.


**No other party from government, organized education, or any political party has ever openly made a CAFR review available to you, or even simple mention of the CAFR out of their own self interest or fear of reprisal DUE TO THE MONEY / CONTROL INVOLVED!

Tens of thousands of the government gang compile the many CAFRs each year and billions are spent to do their accounting. REALIZE the SCOPE AND SIZE, COOPERATIVE EFFORT, and money (wealth) involved for not a peep of their Holy Grail of accounting for over 65-years. All of the following were included in with disclosure and the reports sent to them for over 40-years but not a peep: The syndicated media; controlled education; both primary political parties; and the tens of thousands of elected and appointed government officials. Kinda like the Catholic church never mentioning the Bible.

Gerald Klatt was the “only” individual as a prior or current government individual that openly broke the “Silence is Golden” rule. People NEED to grasp this point solidly, kick themselves in their own you know what, and run with CAFR disclosure to every corner of the Earth so all other become aware. And yes, it is the accounting standard in most countries around the world now.

Ever hear Ron Paul mention the CAFR or put links to download any of the many CAFRs from his home state of TX? No, he knows the reprisals that would happen if he did. Keep in mind he has been on the Finance Committee most of his career. He reviews the CAFRs each year in as such. I do not blame him for not a peep, he has his neck stretched out as it is. He is not going to intentionally commit suicide triggering the axe falling and chop it off. He has to much visibility and the repercussions would have been swift and decisive if he had. They would have taken him out so fast he would not have known what hit him.

Realize that all are up against the largest racketeering syndicate the world has ever known, all with it being right there under everyone’s noses, but the majority in their intentionally designed masterful entertainment and distraction away from the basics (total cash income, investment totals, massive growth each year) keep scratching their heads saying: “There is something wrong here but I just can’t put my finger on it.”

Well, my analogy to that is like someone sitting in a row boat in the middle of the ocean saying to themselves over and over again: “I know there is water around here some place and if I keep looking, I know I will find it!”

Please Copy from the archives Mr. Klatt’s CAFR reviews for your state and distribute to all responsible parties within your state. Read and learn from the archives of his linked pages.

From his front page read the following:

Use the example of his work to conduct your own CAFR reviews. Do a Google search for CAFR “and” your local City, County, School District, State University, State Retirement Fund, etc., download their CAFR reports and do reviews for yourself. Mr. Klatt can no longer do it for you and it appears no one else from within government will do it for you either. They are much to busy spending and taking your money. Also to include you in the “loop” it appears to be a violation of their exclusive club rules…

STATE CAFR Reviews – If all local governments CAFR reviews from “within the state” were included in with the state reviews, potential surpluses would be massive, and much greater!

Per Detroit, pay special attention to the following:

If you take a look at why they say they are broke, what they are doing is extending the pension and other liabilities out 30-years as if a liability to be paid in full today. They funnel off much of their “annual” budgetary funds to meet 100% funding today and is why the buzz word of “in debt” and “pensions short”. ** They only project out their income 1-year and project liabilities out 30.

And they do so to create the largest base of investment funds on all levels at their disposal.

Every investment fund large or small is a “Power Base”. Where those moneys are invested determines who’s real-estate; corporation’s venture; or cash loans are funneled into, domestic “or” internationally. “Collectively” between all local and federal, they are sitting on 110-T + as of 2007.

Also take a look at Clint’s article –…

TREASON: “Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

On a last note per my objective to take a 2-week extended trip to Washington DC, please read the following – it notes what my largest expense will be and why.

Truly yours,

Walter Burien –

Tel. (928) 458-5854

PS: ** Government was NOT supposed to operate at a profit. How did they get around this restriction?

ANSWER: If for example a city had a 100-million dollar profit for the year from any of its operations, at a stroke of a pen they create or deposit into a “liability fund” and poof, there goes the profit re-designated now as a liability.

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