This is not the government of the American People.

This is not the government of the American People.

Those in Washington DC are impersonating lawful officers of the people’s government.  This is a federal crime.  They are all guilty.  All of them!

Presented below are multiple clips reflecting various events across the globe that would seem to tie together.  This may be very important to those who would like to gain a greater appreciation of what would appear to be a global coordination by elements of the NWO to consolidate their control and ensnare the separate countries under their domination.

While you review these separate but related video clips, one must ask the burning question from the point of view as an American….Do the members of what is represented to be the government of the American people, seem to have the interests of the American people at heart?  You must draw your own conclusion; however, I have drawn mine.  To me, it seems abundantly clear that the British Empire still controls the world.  America included…through the CFR.

This might also explain why it is so important to the NWO globalists to keep Obama in power at this time.  The coordinated power play requires the power and the resources of the US to bully and beat all resistant countries into submission.  This also explains the overpowering attempts by the Obama administration to disarm America.  Without subduing Americans, the NWO domination can not be completed.

Consider if you will that these are many randomly selected items and that they are occurring and have occurred over the last few years.  Obviously there is not enough room to display all relevant material so these are just some issues they may help illuminate the situation.

Also…when reviewing these items…ask yourself if this behavior exhibited throughout these items is consistent with the manner in which your government should be acting?

And to that last point… this item just in.

The Honorable Ann Bressington, of Australia, exposes…

From the link above I think you can clearly see the reason for my claims regarding the fraud being perpetrated upon the American people and the people of the entire world.

I contend, that in America, Americans have no representative government.  We only have what we have been led to believe is our lawful government. this is a de facto government. A foreign based corporation unlawfully impersonating the elected government of the American people.



Too Big to Jail

Obama Challenges Courts

DoJ’s Lanny Breuer Resigns Abruptly After Frontline Appearance

Bill Moyer and Matt Taibbi

Mr. Farage on Iceland

FBI Director Asking if Obama has right to kill Americans

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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