FORCED to OBEY Obama’s ILLEGAL acts…? John Hikel of NH says BS! Files Criminal Charges.

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FORCED to OBEY Obama’s ILLEGAL acts…?  John Hikel of NH says BS!  Files Criminal Charges.

Read YOUR state constitution state…find out if there are issues YOUR state elected aren’t following according to their oath and your state constitution…get the petitions going and lets cut the snake’s head off where it begins.   This is BS that we are being FORCED to OBEY the ILLEGAL acts this EVIL CORRUPT and ILLEGAL administration is doing to us while our elected do NOTHING to protect us.   FIRE THEM…ALL OF THEM…!!   shirl

N.H. Rep. files petition, criminal complaint against oath-breaking colleagues

New Hampshire State Representative John Hikel signs pledge for lower taxes, smaller government, fidelity to Constitution.


John Hikel Facebook page. Used with permission.

Policy & Issues newsletter 

A New Hampshire state representative has filed a petition to remove 189 legislators from the House of Representatives for voting to diminish citizen’s rights of self defense. John Hikel filed an Emergency Petition of Redress and a Verified Complaint of Breach of Oath of Office and Conspiracy against Rights in April against 189 members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives who voted to repeal the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law for “Breach of Oath of Office and Conspiracy against Rights.”lt;a href=";tt=gun%20rights;plc=national;tablet=o;chn=politics;subc=policy%20%26%20issues;sect=policy%20%26%20issues;nid=63872412;top=politics;top=policy%20%26%20issues;top=gun%20rights;top=gun%20control;top=stand%20your%20ground;top=new%20hampshire;ed=national;uid=23206;etid=1417;pgtp=article;tile=3;pos=3;;sz=300×250;kw=;ord=137050514?" target="_blank"><img src=";tt=gun%20rights;plc=national;tablet=o;chn=politics;subc=policy%20%26%20issues;sect=policy%20%26%20issues;nid=63872412;top=politics;top=policy%20%26%20issues;top=gun%20rights;top=gun%20control;top=stand%20your%20ground;top=new%20hampshire;ed=national;uid=23206;etid=1417;pgtp=article;tile=3;pos=3;;sz=300×250;kw=;ord=137050514?" width="300" height="250" alt="" /></a>    

“It is one of our most basic rights [New Hampshire Constitution Part 1, Article 2a] and our oath of office says we will support the Constitutions of the United States of America and New Hampshire,” Hikel told Gun Rights Examiner. “I believe that a vote to diminish any rights violate that oath as well as New Hampshire statute 92:2 Chapter 92, Tenure and Oath of Office in Certain Cases.

Co-sponsored by Representatives Alfred Baldasaro and Lenette Peterson, Hikel’s petition, signed by over 500 citizens to date, demands “the immediate removal from office of these 189 disqualified members … the immediate nullification of any of the votes these 189 members have cast during their current term in office [and] the scheduling of a special election as soon as possible to replace these 189 members,”

“[P]lease sign the Petition [if it] reflects your concerns,” the New Hampshire Redress blog presenting the document asks citizens.

It also asks citizens to sign another document.

“[The verified criminal complaint] was filed with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Concord [and] was also filed by [the plaintiffs] at their respective Sheriff’s Departments,” the website explains. “We need those of you that are comfortable filing such a complaint under penalty of perjury to also file this complaint with your local Sheriff as well as with the U.S. Attorney’s Office,”

It’s a unique legal theory, and whether the petition, currently tabled, or the complaint go anywhere remain subjects for speculation at this writing. Even so, these types of creative exercises serve a useful function in putting legislators on notice that their actions are being watched and that there are citizens determined to hold them accountable. While Hikel freely admits he’s not a lawyer, it also serves a useful purpose to let the public see how the clear and plain intent of those who founded our system of government has been twisted and exploited by those who rely on the corrupted mutation the law has become to deprive the people of their rights.

Hikel explained his views and actions in detail to Kevin Avard, a former member of the NH Committee for Redress and Grievances, on a recent episode of Access Nashua/Speak Up.

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