It is not about Randy that we should be worried…

It is not about Randy that we should be worried…

It is about the fact we continue to sit around acting like bumps on a log waiting for someone else to take on the battle.  Randy is a national hero.  He deserves the respect and admiration of every American.  But even more we all need to be encouraged by the victories he is winning.  We also need to step up to the plate and join in the fight.

We need to aggressively engage this enemy and not make excuses.  And yes…this comment Do they have any choice while real and maybe legitimate in some cases needs to become the very reason we take on this fight.

Here is the latest on randy:

He was lured out of his home by local police on pretext they found his stolen property.

$100,000.00 REWARD

It seems the liens he filed were achieving their intentions.

Proof of Teeth! The force of Liens.

Therefore they had to retaliate to attempt to silence him.  To remove him as a threat to expose their criminal action.

Randy, always ready to fight for justice, created the following criminal complaint from within his jail cell.  The details describe this last kidnapping.

FRAUD – fraud – fraud in the courts!!!— Unlawful FBI Kidnap Victim Files Handwritten Criminal Complaint

Randy has also created the following process to be considered by public spirited citizens as action against public servants who violate their oath of office,  the Constitution, the civil rights law, or breach their fiduciary responsibilities.  These unlawful proceedings and illegal violations of Randy’s civil rights prove the effectiveness of the process being employed by Randy to expose the criminal actions of the crime syndicate referred to as the American justice system.

A Process to Criminally Charge Public Servants who Violate the Constitution

For those who might consider this set of circumstances as an exception think again.  The people of America have been victims of an organized criminal system in operation from before many of us were ever born.  It is rampant and widespread.

Judicial Crisis! – Updated

It is high time people give very serious thought to the following comment made by an organizer of a tea party.  Do they have any choice

It would seem the comment accurately reflects the current attitude of many people in America regarding this criminal attack upon our country.   We are at war.  We are being attacked daily.  Not by guns and bullets…at least so far, but by methods of war you might call paper terrorism and administrative stealth.

We are also being attacked and manipulated on a minute by minute basis over the omnipresent TV set, by a complicit media and operating in concert with extensive use of  psyops often perpetrated by government agencies and agents…Sandy Hook for example.

Our local police departments are being outfitted to take over control of our cities and we are being conditioned to accept this aggressive behavior as normal.  It is as if we are all hypnotized and powerless to stop this onslaught of abuses against our freedom and our rights.  As the man said   Do they have any choice

So tell me…when exactly will we decide to take the time necessary to resolve these matters…?  When we are all dead?  Will that be the right time to pay attention?

Consider the information at the following link.  See if you find the information presented resonating with your individual experience?

What is wrong with Americans? | Scanned Retina Blog

At the same time we have a Congress impersonating our lawful government, taking salaries from our treasury and acting against us and playing a role to keep us entertained and sidetracked with what we are led to believe are important issues involving matters which are not even Constitutional to be considered by the federal government.  We are being hopelessly manipulated to write letters expressing our opinions and urging the Congress to vote one way or the other but essentially there is nothing to vote upon.  The decision was already made before the idea was even raised.

Meanwhile this same Congress which is loyal to the British Crown, delays and delays and keeps we as the people from addressing the real issues.  The Communist administration uses this time to incrementally implement the Communist Agenda provided Obama by the CFR.  And in response we exchange e-mails about how awful things are.

And exactly who is implementing the agenda?  The various government agencies we are told who are looking out for us.  And partially that may be true but the net result is to control our food sources, our water, our energy, our air, our transportation, our commerce, our economy, our buying habits, our religion, our life style even the sexual preferences of the deviants around us.

But that is not all that is going on…right in your city councils and your county councils and your townships, your public servants are working against you.  And you are also pay them to do so.  Meanwhile they plead ignorance.

Exaggerating the perception; I know nothing! I am not in charge!

So exactly what needs to happen to prompt you to move from your comfortable couch from which you are conveniently, defensively deflecting—or so you believe— these abuses?

So, my fellow American…what has to happen to move you to a position from where you launch an effective offense and assert your rights as a real citizen of America?   Yes…a real American citizen and not the corporate fiction, a role in which you have been placed without your full knowledge or consent.

If you can’t answer that question please contact me.

Available 24/7 – Defending freedom has become a full-time job!
714-501-8247 – mobile

On Jul 10, 2013, at 8:31 PM, wrote:


So do you have any more info about this???  God Bless.


From: “Arnie” <>

Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 6:08:29 PM

Subject: Fwd: Randy Due Arrested and taken by the Feds

Current on the radio show

Today on GUERRILLA RADIO the CONSTITUTION and ARREST of activist RANDY DUE…Join Austin Thomas and Lisa Brumfiel aka Liberty Lisa 3-6 pm pst/6-9pm est we will also be joined by Lee Peer the “mouth’ from Dean Florence…call in and listen and/or participate @ 347-324-3704…listen and chat @ join our facecrook page @ visit the NEW dating and networking site @

— with Edward Johnston and47 others.

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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