What is wrong with Americans?

What is wrong with Americans?





Permit me to put this as simply as I can!

  • We pay our enemies to work against us with our tax dollars
  • Our enemies use grants from tax dollars to fund projects that work against us
  • They are equipped with the world’s greatest technology…all paid for by…you got it…we the people.
  • They have us believing the government is legitimate.
  • Some believe there are no corporations!
  • They waste time fawning over a Congress which reports to a foreign authority.
  • They have us believing they control our food.
  • They have us believing they control our water.
  • They have us believing they control our air.
  • They have us believing they control our schools.
  • They have us believing they control our children.
  • They have us believing they control our economy.
  • They have us believing they control our medical resources
  • They have us believing they are doing all of this for our own good.

Now on our side of the ledger here is what we have…

  • Many of us are technically illiterate – except for TV remote controls
  • Computer skills – zilch…yes there are some exceptions.
  • We are working all kinds of hours…maybe even more than one job to earn enough money to put food on the table and take care of our responsibilities.
  • We have no time to do anything constructive
  • We have no time to monitor those within our government who are abusing us.

You notice a pattern here?


Teaparty Mentality


Rape – A Public Service

Notice! Public Servants…you ARE financially liable for violating the law!

A truth!

Another truth

Cape Coral Florida

The Solution:

Make no mistake…any choice of a tool to use to level the playing field involves the support of the people.  On the lawful side, the pickings seem to be pretty slim.  Most seem to be waiting for someone else to step up and do the work for them.   Now there are folks willing to help but the individual MUST get off the dime and actively participate.  There is no other option.  The single most important step you can take is to join

the Constitution Club.

This will at least place you in the presence of other like-minded folks of your county.  Together, you can join in to make a difference.

Spectators NO MORE!!!…The People are the Final Arbiters.


About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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6 Responses to What is wrong with Americans?

  1. jeff says:

    apathetic cowards

  2. jeromeennis says:

    History has been Re Shaped to fit the Progressive Narrative. The Civil War or The War Between The States, had little to do with Slavery and had everything to do with Economics and Politics and Consolidation of Power in a Central Government That basically began the destruction of States’ Rights, and Confiscation of Property and Wealth by Redistributionists, and the Re-Distributionist policies and laws were created immediately following the War Between The States when the so-called Re-Construction Period began, which in actuality, was the further De-Construction and Destruction of Southern Wealth and Culture and De-U.S. Constitutionalization of the United States Government and the Stamping out Of All States Rights. The Myth about Slavery being the cause of the Civil War is just that, Myth or in other words, Lies. The Racial/Slavery argument was used to justify on a moral basis, but it was just that, a lie. And, during De-Construction of the South, the Blacks were rewarded with Free Land as a way of Re-Distribution not considering the blacks had no experience in managing their own land or businesses, and yet many were Placed In Positions of Political Power as a way of further humiliating the Southerners who were capable political and governmental individuals. The blacks had no experience in governing and as expected the results were catastrophic and wound up in complete failure which was the aim of the Cynical Yanks, and the Scaliwags and Carpetbaggers totally ravaged the South with Their Scams and other Criminal Acts, and the U.S. Government oversaw it all on purpose.

  3. jeromeennis says:

    No such thing as a Two Party System in USA. Both have Meshed Into One Lawless OWO Regime.

    I made the following comments a while back when one of my so-called conservative FB blog buddies was supporting and defending Ann Coulter about what a great Conservative she was. Ann Coulter is on the FAUX News Payroll, and that says it all.

    You are nuts Bryan Eddy. Ann Coulter talks a lot of trash, but that is just the trash talk that is meaningless. She plays her part for FOX News who Play Their Part in the Made For TV Dog and Pony Show which we call Democrat Vs Republican Politics in the USA which is no more than the Political Version of TV Wrestling.

    Obama trashes Fox News as he pretends to act like they are his enemy. Fox attacks Obama and the other Media, and all the while, they all know they are Just Playing Their Parts. And, in playing their parts, that is why Karl Rove, Krauthammer and that gang of So-Called Experts at Fox News trash Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, etc.

    A few weeks ago, O’Reilly was interviewing Michelle Bachmann, and O’Reilly sat there and mocked Bachman, rolling his eyes and laughing at her with her sitting right in front of him. If I had been her, I would have called this scoundrel out on his mockery. That is all O’Reilly, Hannity and that crowd are: cheerleaders for the Republicans that are Hand Picked by then RNC. No real contenders are given a shot.

    Even in TV wrestling, they will not allow a Real Fighter into the Ring with the Staged and Practiced Actors and Acrobats who are no more enemies than are the Republicans and Democrats. Our Political Process today is nothing but a Staged Event at the National Level that is being played out by the Players That the DNC and the RNC pick for us to choose from. It is about as serious as Betting on TV Wrestling. The Winners of the TV Wrestling Matches are Scripted and Pre-Determined as are our elections. We, the people, go out and vote, but in the end, our votes at the national level are meaningless. The results are pre-determined. That is why the Media, the RNC and the DNC will not allow any outsiders to get into their game.

    After the TEA Party won the House in 2010, the Republicans were ecstatic, and then Boehner and the rest of those criminals in the establishment republican leadership, totally squelched them, and took them off committees unless they would go along with Boehner and the Party which Go Along With the Obama Regime.

    It is time to target and vote out of office Every Single Member of Congress except for the New Blood TEA Party candidates. Allen West, Tom Cruz, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, et. al. Are the true patriots and are not a bunch of cowards like we now have running this Oligarchy, posing as a Constitutional Republic.

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