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FRAUD – fraud – fraud in the courts!!!— Unlawful FBI Kidnap Victim Files Handwritten Criminal Complaint

From within his cell, Randy Due, an Unlawful Kidnap Victim Files Handwritten Criminal Complaint – FBI agents personally financially liable. The following is a transcript Mr. Due’s wife created from his handwritten¬† complaint above.


Major General David E. Quantock – A serious letter from Bill

Major General¬†David E. Quantock, Provost Marshal General Monday, July 08, 2013, 21:07:23 Dear Sir, You are in a unique position in the government of The Republic of the united States of America. You may be one of the few people … Continue reading


What is wrong with Americans?

What is wrong with Americans? Attitude? Commitment? Urgency? Honor? Permit me to put this as simply as I can! We pay our enemies to work against us with our tax dollars Our enemies use grants from tax dollars to fund … Continue reading