An Unprecedented Threat to the American Republic


An Unprecedented Threat (UNCLASSIFIED)


General David E. Quantock,
the Commanding General of
the U.S. Army
Criminal Investigation Command (CID)

Re: A matter of serious consequence

Dear General Quantock,

Prompted by recent events in Egypt and a letter just recently published by world renown attorney, Larry Klayman, I am prompted to write you with this critical request for intervention and relief from crimes against humanity by the current out-of-control, criminal cabal, posing as our government.  A corporation, many Americans believe is owned by foreign interests and illegally posing as the lawful government of the people of America.  The American people need you to suspend all current government operations and provide an independent group of Americans, selected at random, to step in as a caretaker organization.

Consistent with Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 1 › § 4

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

And after exhausting both, numerous civil and judicial efforts to successfully achieve redress of serious Constitutional violations, we are appealing to you to general, to honor your oath and take appropriate action to protect the American Republic.  All other efforts to date have failed to produce acceptable results.

My Sacred Obligation as a Citizen of the American Republic

I believe serious criminal actions which can only be considered as rebellion and insurrection against the authority of the United States of America, our Constitution—the supreme law of the land—have been committed by high level members of what has been represented as the government of the people of America.  Becoming aware of these abuses, my sacred duty to protect the Constitution of the United States of America, the American Republic and the people of America…compels me to come forward and make you aware of these crimes.

Upon request, more details of events over the last several years documenting the efforts of many Americans, to bring this matter—the usurpation of the presidency—by one Mr. Obama, a criminal act which seems to have been aided and abetted by some members of Congress, to both civil and judicial authorities.

Many Americans express the view that Mr. Obama is a foreign born enemy and represents a clear and present danger to the people of America.  I too agree with this assessment.

The obvious nature of the criminal behavior exhibited by Mr. Obama has brought about some limited expression of concern from within the Congress, itself. Critical commentary, in the form Congressional notices by some of those who dare to speak are listed below.

General, it should be noted that those who speak out do so at their own peril but do so willingly and do so courageously knowing full well they are exposing themselves to the possible threats of intimidation and coercion for which the Obama administration has become so well known:

Congressman McClintock

Congressman McClintock

Congressman Brindestine

Recent International recognition of such criminal behavior can be found the at the following link:

War Crimes

Egyptian People Expose Obama

Additionally, General Quantock, other previous efforts to report these concerns may be reviewed as follows, based upon information and encouragement presented at the website of the FBI:

FBI — What We Investigate

A meeting was held with members of the FBI from the Santa Ana, California office as detailed below:

Reporting Treason – FBI

The following information, which was originally sent to principles listed by registered US mail, was also hand delivered to the FBI office in Santa Ana, California.  No response or acknowledgement was ever received.  The voices of over 3100 Americans were ignored.

An additional effort to notify the FBI is listed below:

Requested assistance from the Sheriff of Orange County, California.

With the recent public revelation that ‘blackmail,’ was possibly part of the role of the NSA,

Full Video

this might also explain why many members of Congress have been acting out of character as Americans. It is almost impossible to imagine that over 500 members of Congress could all deny the most egregious violation against the Constitution with such consistency and precision unless something…or someone was holding a ‘gun’ to their heads.

The manner in which the legislative body, responsible to represent Americans, suddenly appeared to act with indifference toward their sacred oaths to protect the Constitution, indicated something was amiss.  This uncanny, unexplained behavior, would lead some to conclude, such inconceivable behavior could only be the result of threats imposed by some sort of unlawful acts of intimidation, coercion or other direct threats of violence against members of the Congress and/or their families.

While this is only speculation, it become painfully obvious that members of government were and are still being suppressed from criticizing the criminal behavior of Mr. Obama and members of his administration and their related actions.   The elimination of key monitoring positions like the ‘inspector generals,’ and the imposition of threats against ‘whistle blowers,’ would seem to also substantiate such suspicions.  In that light, the following is offered for your consideration:

Obama Scandal? Which One?

Thanks to Devvy Kidd.
Blackmail…NSA…Roberts…Congress…How far does it go?

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Removed From Power by JB Williams

And with the judicial branch of government acting as though they too are being intimidated and coerced into issuing unconstitutional rulings,  many Americans have expressed concerns of a repeat of history in parallel to events in Nazi Germany and which brought about the rise of the Third Reich and the rein of terror associated with Adolph Hitler.

Obviously general, most Americans wish to avoid confronting such a situation.  But in the current day reality, thanks to many suspicious acts by Mr. Obama, unlike periods in the past, the orientation and loyalty of today’s American military is somewhat of a question.

With what appears to be a deliberate series of actions, calculated to weaken, undermine and disable our military forces, Mr. Obama set about to systematically establish undeniably unreasonable ‘rules of engagement;’ championed several other acts to weaken the very fabric of our military apparatus and most recently, on the heels of the Benghazi disaster, (in which Mr. Obama failed to honor the long-time American tradition of never leaving our people behind), facilitated the murder of four Americans.  In addition, to what also appears to be related to the Benghazi failure, Mr. Obama proceeded to demonstrate more destructive treachery towards the integrity of military operations, by removing from command, many high ranking, highly-decorated and combat-experienced officers, with no logical or satisfactory explanation.

As if that in itself was not bad enough, General Quantock, with the specter of other experienced officers being weeded out by a question as to whether they would give orders to shoot Americans, it takes little imagination to recognize the intent behind Mr. Obama’s action.  But regardless general, regardless of Mr. Obama’s nefarious agenda, the question remains of those officers who were retained or elected to stay, given the choice…just where do they stand on such an issue?  If and when the time comes for this question to be tested…. will the Obama hand-selected military hierarchy follow unconstitutional and unlawful orders to perform unthinkable acts of treason against Americans?

It is my view, Mr. Obama, working on instructions by his handlers, has deliberately created this doubt as part of the strategy to undermine the relationship between the American public and our military protectors.  I would say he has been pretty successful in achieving his objective.

As a result, many Americans are no longer confident that if needed, the military organizations will honor their oaths and serve their intended purposes to protect the very people under whose authority their organizations were created.  No disrespect intended General Quantock, but let us face facts…even in your position, the matter of loyalty to the Constitution and the American people is in question.

This doubt, is not based upon previous historical performance, (Thank you for your service to our country), but based upon the introduction of doubt deliberately created by the treacherous acts perpetrated on our military personnel by Mr. Obama.

Many of us believe, like most military officers, you, willingly and with true honor, took an oath to protect the Constitution; not to support any individual.  Yet the comment was made, by a fellow American, that you are an appointee of Mr. Obama.  Thus the conflict is apparent.

Some may suggest an unlawful order is not to be followed.  Yet in practice, we have seen how the UCMJ, in the hands of unscrupulous military attorney’s has been twisted to distort and falsely prosecute and falsely convict loyal, dedicated military personnel, who followed the law, for the purposes of furthering the criminal Obama agenda.

Full Video

So General Quantock, what will it be?  Will you follow your honorable conscience and act consistently with your oath to protect and preserve the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic?   Will you act to honor your oath and protect the American people in accordance with the Supreme Laws of the Land?

Like the well-placed confidence the Egyptian people entrusted to their military protectors, many Americans are also counting on your wisdom, ethics and morality to make the honorable and obvious choice.  The fate of the American Republic lies in your hands.

The favor of a response by July 16, 2013 by 5:00 PM Eastern, would be greatly appreciated.


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6 Responses to An Unprecedented Threat to the American Republic

  1. Chris Strunk says:

    Barry Soetoro is in the White House not Barack Hussein Obama II – who ever he is I still do not know.

    What I do know is that someone has decided to cause a civil war and we are close..

  2. Chris Strunk says:

    KNOW YOUR JESUIT SOCIAL JUSTICE DOCTRINE FOR WHAT IT IS – The extension and practice of Thomas More’s “UTOPIA” – More’s nephew was the first Jesuit Provincial of England.

    Whoever Obama may be, the BHO contrived debt spirals higher and higher, the collateral/surety Public US citizens/Debtors are more at the disposal of the military government. When the final chapter is in place with national bankruptcy declared and martial law imposed by the Creditors, the Debtors will then be disposed with according to Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). That disposal finally realized will be occurring in the many concentration camps ready to open for “business.” as a full blown return to the Jesuit Reductions of old – now. (see

    Who ever he really is – BHO fails to meet the requirements of the “Executive trustee” for the United States debt reorganization since 1933 under a continuing annual renewal of the national emergency by HIS own admission against interest has a conflict of interest with both the debtors and creditors for HE is both at least a British and Indonesian Subject first notwithstanding his questionable US allegiance yet established, works with terrorists and the Muslim Brotherhood

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  5. Pat Fields says:

    For what it’s worth, I drew up this related document and am at present promoting its general endorsement among The People …


    I’ve passed this along to several retired military here in Texas and LSTP

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