California’s Public Guardians: Eager to Lock You Up and Steal Your Money

California’s Public Guardians: Eager to Lock You Up and Steal Your Money

Ruth Hull
Activist Post

You’ve spent your life building up some assets and you think they are secure. Or you got an inheritance and you think it’s yours. Where there is money, there are vultures ready to steal it. Among the most dangerous vultures are Public Guardians and conservators, who are willing to lock you away to steal your money. Judges simply look the other way and give them carte blanche to do as they please with your life, your property and your future. With a stroke of the pen and the elimination of one dangerous government office, Jerry Brown could save the people of California, hundreds of millions of dollars and protect the state’s seniors, their heirs and their assets.

In Orange County, California, we have had a changing of the guard. That’s because John Williams, the last Public Guardian and Peggy Buff, his second in command, lost their positions after they got caught ripping off Orange County residents. Since Peggy Buff was the District Attorney’s fiancée, seniors were powerless to protect themselves. Williams apparently thought his sole responsibility was to grab the assets of senior citizens to help with his department’s budget shortfall. When this was exposed, the public thought they could do better.

Williams already had been twice dinged by the Grand Jury for mismanagement of funds when the truth hit the media big time. For years, Williams had been confiscating assets from rich Orange County citizens whom he felt could not handle their own money. While he grabbed their estates, these seniors were often put into low-cost sub-human facilities, places that mostly facilitated early deaths. Sometimes seniors were not even properly notified that Williams had secretly put them into conservatorships and had ripped off their assets until their associates were arrested for kidnapping for just taking them to a nearby fast food restaurant. Adult Protective Services was reportedly in on the get-rich-quick scheme too. When APS comes calling, the Public Guardian isn’t far behind. It’s all about money.

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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2 Responses to California’s Public Guardians: Eager to Lock You Up and Steal Your Money

  1. Mairi says:

    This is happening everywhere, not just in California. Most people think “Probate” happens *after* you die…….NOT! If you have worked to leave an estate, the government wants it, and they will stop at nothing to take it. Do you know what happens when an elderly person is placed into *Hospice Care* just to ‘monitor’ a change in their medications? Do you know what happens to the elderly when they are plied with heavy duty medications like fentanyl patches, etc.? Let me paint a picture. You see them prior to the turn-over to Hospice, alert and having an enjoyable time…..Hospice Care for change of meds to heavy narcotics…….two weeks later……unable to stay awake. or eat or drink for two weeks…….DEAD!
    Probate is THE single largest business in the world. 2.7 TRILLION….yes, I said TRILLION with a “T”… You and your loved ones will NOT escape. Probate isn’t just for dead people anymore……probate makes dead people!

  2. Dirk Jeanis says:

    THis is why if one has any real assets or value, they MUST have a trust and place all in it…pull funds from trust ONLY as needed for personal use.
    Do not place moneys such as social security payments INTO trust, use them first.
    Any car or boat or craft that you drive or fly does NOT go into trust, Instead into an LLC or other vehicle to hold the asset..
    Properly insured houses belong in Trusts. All stocks bonds or other liquidatable assets belong in trust….all cash belongs in trust.

    As near as I can tell, there can be no third party intervention to the trust assets or what happens to the Maker of the trust…as long as it is done properly with living wills and other docs…

    The government can not intervene or use the funds..only the successor trustee.

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