Court Order – Super American Grand Jury – Judge Lamberth

Reference:  The Judicial Deception Presented by Judge Lamberth, himself.

Court Order – Super American Grand Jury – Judge Lamberth

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2 Responses to Court Order – Super American Grand Jury – Judge Lamberth

  1. What is the origin of this document? Where is the corresponding NEF (notice of electronic filing)?
    The US Distrtict Court is unique in issuing simulated orders on “Leave to file denied”… whenever it has to do with judicial corruption. However, most previous examples were simulated records. By publishing records with no authentication you only increase the confusion.
    [1] 11-05-30 PRESS RELEASE: Judge Richard Leon, US District Court,DC – master of the “Leave to file denied”

  2. prevere says:

    It is filed under Misc. This is the notice I received from Administrator Lamberth and represents the ONLY response anyone in the Judiciary would rule on anywhere in America. Anyone who does not think this is real is yet another blithering idiot and anyone who does not understand the words he chose to use in his dismissal is hopelessly lost. That, or another drug addled Obot who can’t figure out whether this was good or bad for his fascist team. Here’s a clue Yoseph… Lamberth is on your side and the fact that you would throw in a meaningless dialogue concerning Administrator Leon gives you away. Next time, check with your significant other, Fogbow, before responding. He’s sure to be upset with you now and you know how mean he can be when on the wrong side of his meds.


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