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“Come and Take it March” – Successful!!!

Thank you Richard Sanders “Come and Take it March” – Successful! Intellihub.com This past weekend Hundreds of Gunowners staged a successful armed march in Temple, TX with Loaded Weapons At the “Come and Take it March”. Photo: Temple Daily Telegram … Continue reading

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A reaction from the imposter himself?

A reaction from the imposter himself?

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Joseph F. Bataillon; Impersonating a Judge?

Joseph F. Bataillon;  Impersonating a Judge? DEMAND FOR CERTIFIED COPIES OF REQUIRED CONSTITUTIONAL OATHS AND BONDING AND/OR PUBLIC OFFICIAL LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICIES Attn: Mr. Joseph F. Bataillon                                                                                                              June 4, 2013 SOLEMN RECOGNITION OF MIXED WAR (A Declaration of Independence) From … Continue reading


IRS – Fraud on the People – Congress is responsible!

CAFR1 NATIONAL POST Walter S:         That auto reply that bounces out when I get an email is there to scare off the Nigerian type spammers and the government shill spammers. It also acts as a deterrent … Continue reading

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