Randall David Due: I Demand “Full Disclosure” from you, Scott Howell

Randall David Due:  I Demand “Full Disclosure” from you, Scott Howell

Middle District of Georgia’s Albany office

U.S. Probation office


Attn: Scott Howell, case supervisor for Troy Greve in Case No 8:12CR344                                 Phone: 229/903-1263                                                                                         May 30, 2013

FAX: 229/430-8537

State of Georgia              )

                                         ) ss.

County of ___________ )



(A Declaration of Independence)

From now on it is all business

in the Nature of two combatants, toe-to-toe, muskets in the mouth.

(“And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you Free”. –Jesus –John 8:32)

I, Affiant, Randall David Due, Public Minister, acting in my own proper person, certify under my own commercial liability, that the following is true, correct, materially complete, and not misleading to the best of my knowledge and belief.








AM6/INFO (Nature and Cause of Accusation), AM14.1/EP (Equal Protection of the Law) –I may require as much from a Judge and/or any other court officer and/or agent of the government as this Nation and its Constitution have required and gotten from me.



I, Randall David Due, demand “Full Disclosure” from you, Scott Howell, of your required Constitutional Oath of office, equivalent to the Oath of Induction into the Military to “support and Defend this Nation and its Constitution for the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic”, and the “Full Disclosure” of your Bonding and/or Public Official Liability Insurance policies, for Identification of your person and Duties and Responsibilities, so that I may discover who you are and who you claim to be, and that you have adequate Commercial Liability Coverage for any Civil Rights Damages I feel and/or believe that you might be involved in as Principal or Accessory Accomplice in violation of my Civil Rights, relative to the following US Codes:18 USC §§ 2, 3, 4, 241, 242, 2381, 2382, 2383 & others.


Should you, Scott Howell, have any communication you wish to present to me, I demand, pursuant to the 5th, 6th and 14th Amendments, that you do so by Affidavit sworn to be true, correct, complete, and not misleading under your own Commercial Liability.


Also any other government officer or their agency parties, who expect to achieve any meaningful communication with me must do so by Affidavit sworn to be true, correct, complete and not misleading under their own Commercial Liability.


Casual Communication will be regarded as deliberately evasionary.


Anything less than this, such as casual communication, will be construed to be evidence of a Direct “Patent Evasion” of “Full Disclosure”, also known as “Fraud”, a violation of my rights of “Due Process of Law”, a violation of Article IV section 1 of the Constitution for the United States of America, a violation of my 5th and 14th Amendment rights of “Due Process of Law”, and a violation of my Civil Rights, 18 USC §§ 241 & 242.


Affiant(s) exercise the right to amend this and/or any other document if necessary, in order that the truth be more fully and certainly ascertained and justly determined.

Affiant, Randall David Due, in the Flesh and Blood in Proper Person, do not consent to be an accessory party to Fraud (18 USC §§ 2, 3 & 4) and/or violation of my certain un-a-lien-able Rights endowed by my Creator and secured by the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and by our soldiers who swear an Oath to defend this Nation and its Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Further more, I reserve all of my Rights using the UCC 1-308 (Performance or Acceptance under Reservation of Rights) in relationship to any past and or future action concerning this case. Notice is hereby given. Fraud vitiates all Contracts and is grounds for reversal of all Legal Faults.


Randall David Due aka Randy Due, Public Minister; Ex. Military (Civil Rights Advocate) acting as a Non-union Lawyer (not a member of the bar association) pursuant to 42 USC § 1986 (acting with Reasonable Diligence) & 18 USC § 4 (Mandate to act), 18 USC §§ 241 & 242 (Protection of the Nation, its Constitution and Civil Rights)

Public Minister pursuant to and protected by Public Law 94-583, Oct. 21, 1976 Stat. 2891 [Codified in Title 28 U.S.C § 1602 et esq.]; and Public Law 1790, 1 Stat. At L. 117, Ch 9 [Codified in 22 U.S.C. § 252]; Public Law 1948, Ch 645, 62 Stat. 688 [Codified in Title 18 U.S.C § 112] and Public Law 1871, Ch 22, § 6, 17 Stat. 15; [Codified in 42 U.S.C. § 1986]


179 Green St. E. Pelham, Georgia 31779

Phone: (229) 294-6112;         FAX: (229) 294-4594                            duze24@bellsouth.net



Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal; Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent


Executed this ______ day of May, in the year of our Lord two thousand thirteen.


By: __________________________________

(Signature of Affiant, Public Minister “Without Recourse”)


Sworn to (or affirmed) and subscribed before me this ______day of May, in the year of our Lord two thousand thirteen by Randall David Due.

__ Personally Known__ Produced Identification Type and # of ID______________________


(Signature of Notary)



(Name of Notary Typed, Stamped, or Printed)

Notary Public, State of _________________

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