Letter to Robert – Regarding Sheriff Joe


On May 30, 2013, at 2:11 PM, “robert”  wrote:


Are you still interested in this? It still seems to me like the only thing that matters, though I know some have given up.



This won’t solve all our problems, but if it succeeds it sure will feel good!

My honest opinion?  They appear to be part of the same side…the dark side.

Their objective seems to be to add more time to keep those members of our society who can be easily distracted, entertained with a false sense of security.  I suspect these unsuspecting folks will not react to the threats to our liberty until the muzzles of the UN tanks will be pointed at them directly.  Too late…unfortunately.

It seems to me Robert, that most people tend to judge others by their own standards of ethics and morality.  Americans, being the kind and caring lot, are easy targets to our enemies who are engaged in this (declared) war upon the Americans by exploiting our good natured characteristics.  But make no mistake about the ethics of our enemies,  they are committed to win at all costs.  and they will lie to our faces to meet their objective.

Congress appears to be on the same side.  With few exceptions, they sold us out.  It appears to me Congress is only purpose is to create the illusion there is some hope.  It is as Bill Whittle described…Kabuki Theater.

You know Robert, again this is just my opinion, but the issue on which Obama really screwed up was Benghazi.  It is for this reason, I expect all of the confessions of the administration regarding the IRS and the DOJ were worth it to them to get people off focusing on Benghazi.  That would imply to me, that the importance of Benghazi is significant.  Like the matter of eligibility…it is forbidden to address.  That would also indicate the importance of pursuing that matter.

Why Benghazi? Well aside from all of the other suspected nefarious issues related, and there are still plenty, in the case of the needless murders, Obama was the only one to have had the authority to issue the stand down order.  There could be no other possible person on which to blame his deliberate act of murder of the four Americans.

Keep in mind Robert, if Obama was the real president, and not a usurper and both, our domestic and foreign enemy, he would have acted to save our Americans.  That is the prime responsibility of any American president.

Any American, even those sitting on the sidelines, should be able to appreciate the significance of this issue.  Therefore, regardless of the others issues, or pieces of meat which have been thrown to the lions to distract them, those people who have their heads screwed on correctly will not buy any of these side issues, which mind you…are each important in their own right.

To that point though Robert, should we, the people, chose to focus and  deal with Obama effectively…guess what?  Yes..you got it…All the rest of these important issues fall into place.

From my observations, for what they are worth, it would appear that people do not want to face the hard reality that everything in which they have come to believe, has been and continues to be a lie.

So while many Americans have been entertained so effectively, there have also been many investigating exactly what is going on.

While many Americans continue to sit on the sidelines waiting for the cavalry on the white horses, something that is even doubtful that exists… again but in the minds of the hopelessly hopeful and manipulated good intentioned Americans, they continue to be mesmerized by the brainwashing programming all devised to keep them passive and ignorant to the truth…there are true and dedicated patriots like Randy Due and John Darash who are engaged in this different type of a war.  Below find some of the information on which I base my assertions.

Here is the straight scope from UK.  They are six months to a year ahead of us on what I expect is the same time line.

Here is the new leader of the free world.  He tells the truth.  The same goes for what is going on here.  Anyone who believes they can save the current corrupt system has nodded off from reality.  Mr. Farage knows the reality.  Both parties and the entire political system must be replaced.  There can be no compromise.  Else we continue on the same path of destruction albeit at a slower pace until they gain the confidence they have once more the upper hand and disarm us completely.

In the interim some very brave and courageous Americans like Randy Due and John Darash are demonstrating how we attack the beast and push back.

In Randy’s case, he is directly engaged with the corrupt judicial system which is dominated by foreign corporations.  The courts are actually corporate criminal enterprises illegally imposed upon the people and enforced by local and county police authority who have allegiance to the foreign corporations.

The Work of Randy Due
Randy Due Case

The interim solution.
The Solution

In the case of John Darash, please visit the next link for the real solution.
Grand Jury

Available 24/7 – Defending freedom has become a full-time job!
714-501-8247 – mobile

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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