by Dr. Preston Bailey

The “Benghazi Gate” is Pandora’s box for Hillary Clinton and Barrack Hussein Obama. On September 12, 2012 U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was murdered while in the consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Muslim terrorists numbering between one and two-hundred surrounded the consulate firing rocket-propelled grenades, mortars, hand grenades, artillery mounted on gun trucks, and automatic weapons.

They set the embassy on fire and seemed to know exactly where Ambassador Stevens was located within the consulate. It appears as if someone who worked at the U.S. consulate gave the attackers the exact location where Ambassador Stevens could be found. Maybe it was the former security officer who was taking pictures of the embassy the day before the attack.

What important things did Ambassador Stevens know that people in high places wanted to keep him quiet? A terrorist attack costs a lot of money so it has to come from some source. Just the weapons the terrorists used were very expensive. Who paid for this massive attack? Congress needs to audit all foreign aid more closer for the protection of Americans in that country.

Attackers tried to enter the “safe haven” where Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, and Diplomatic Security Service Special Agent Scot Strickland had fled. The Muslim murderers spread diesel fuel all over the furniture and floor they brought with them and lit it filling the rooms with black smoke. Targeting U.S. Ambassador Stevens is more of an assassination than just a terrorist attack. Who was it that wanted him killed because of the information he had on things in Libya?

Ambassador Stevens himself called Deputy Chief of Mission Gregory Hicks in Tripoli to tell him the consulate was under attack. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Charlene Lamb, testified before the House Oversight Committee on October 12, 2012 that “Phone calls were made to the embassy in Tripoli, the Diplomatic Security Command Center in Washington, the Libyan February 17 Brigade, and a U.S. quick reaction force located at a second compound (the annex) a little more than a mile away.” So Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama knew what happened in Benghazi. A drone was even sent that flew overhead with a live feed.

The CIA’s Global Response Staff (GRS) at the CIA annex immediately attempted a rescue of consulate personnel which was a little over a mile away in armored Toyota Land Cruisers. They secured the perimeter and found Sean Smith who was unconscious and later died. When they could not find Ambassador Stevens and because of the intensity of the flames and gunfire, they fled back to a nearby CIA annex located in a different diplomatic compound over a mile away.

When they arrived at the CIA annex, the complex was fired upon by Muslim terrorists. CIA personnel in Tripoli flew in a small jet to Benghazi but waited hours at the airport for Libyan government forces which is suspicious. When they finally arrived at the CIA annex, they again came under fire as Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods were killed by mortar fire. They evacuated and headed to the airport without further loss of life.

Freedom Outpost reported that, “Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), a member of the House Oversight Committee, also said that “military personnel were ready willing and able, and within proximity, but the Pentagon told them they had no authority and to stand down.” So the orders to “stand down” had to come from the White House.

There is not a single shred of evidence that this mob of well-armed Islamic terrorists were just protesting the short anti-Islamic video, Innocence of Muslims, that the White House claimed sparked all of this attack. But Obama had Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the maker of the video, arrested on a minor parole violation and sentenced to a year in prison.

The White House also blamed the Republicans for the “sequestration” which cut the budget even though it was Obama’s idea from the beginning. This was just political manipulation to take the focus off of the main thing that a U.S. Ambassador was brutally murdered and dragged through the streets. Even Libyan President Mohamed Magariaf insisted on Sept. 16, which was five days after the attack, that it was a planned terrorist attack.

These well-armed terrorists, at the very least, wanted to burn Americans alive by setting fire to all the buildings. Ambassador Stevens was later found to have died of severe smoke asphyxiation according to a Libyan doctor at the hospital where he was eventually taken. But our U.S. Ambassador was murdered and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama acted like it was no big deal. Hillary’s angry histrionic testimony at the hearings revealed her arrogance and contempt for any challenge of her authority as former co-workers and Secret Service agents had previously reported.

What is Obama and those behind him trying so hard to cover up and what is wrong with them that they think Americans will turn their back on this? Anyone who looks at the aftermath of the U.S. consulate buildings will see hundreds of bullets were fired at those in the facilities and most of the buildings were severely burned. Furniture and anything of value, was stolen out of the consulate along with “sensitive documents” that should of been secured with names of Libyans that have worked with Americans. Even weeks after this tragedy, documents still laid around on the ground for anyone to take.

The Democrats continue to attempt to cover up this travesty by saying the Republicans are bringing this up for political reasons. When they say this, they are trying to question the “motives” for this investigation as simply political. The reason for a needed investigation has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with the White House and Democrats have lied and attempted to cover up the murder of a U.S. Ambassador and three of his staff for many months. Obama and his administration are the most corrupt in U.S. history and the “Narcissist-in-chief” is delusional if he thinks average Americans will believe his serial lying.

Also, Pat Smith, the mother of Sean Smith who was the information management officer murdered in Benghazi, demands an investigation into the death of her son. She said, “When I was in Washington, DC at the reception of the caskets, I asked for and received promises from President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta, VP Biden and several other dignitaries in attendance. They all looked me directly in the eyes and promised they would find out and let me know. I got only one call from a clerk about a month later quoting from the time line, which I already had.”

The official talking points of the White House have twelve different versions to the news media. They have deliberately lied, delayed, and covered up the brutal murder of four Americans. The Obama administration cannot be trusted at all to investigate these four murders or investigate any other corruption because they are so corrupt themselves. That is like allowing a fox to investigate the death of hens in a chicken house. Even General Petraeus, the CIA Director at the time, was upset that the White House changed what the CIA had written.

The three whistleblowers who were career government officials, all seemed to express that Benghazi was a huge cover-up and that reinforcements should have been sent to Benghazi. Their detailed testimony which was enlightening was delayed using every trick in the book by the Obama administration. Other eye witnesses of Benghazi have been prevented from testifying and every American should insist they be allowed to speak the truth. Obama claimed his administration would be the most transparent in history and he has been the least transparent.

Why did the Obama administration reject the many pleas from the U.S. Ambassador in Libya to strengthen their facilities and send more security personnel? It seems apparent that the powers behind Obama really wanted Ambassador Stevens to die. After the attack had taken place,  CNN reported that “a Benghazi security official and a battalion commander had met with U.S. diplomats three days before the attack and had warned the Americans about deteriorating security in the area.” Ambassador Stevens recorded in his diary, which was later discovered at the unsecured site, that he was very concerned about the lack of security and his fears regarding the obvious presence of al-Qaeda in the area made him vulnerable to attack.

The real question that needs to be asked is “WHY” did Obama cover this up for so long?
“A U.S. intelligence official tells Inside the Ring that the hearing and congressional inquiries have failed to delve into what the official said is another major scandal: CIA covert arms shipments to Syrian rebels through Benghazi,” said Bill Gertz. Several other sources, on condition of anonymity, verify that Obama was having the CIA ship arms to Syria. This scandal will continue to expand in the coming weeks as more whistleblowers will come forward to reveal the truth.

There are a number of competing Muslim terrorist groups in Libya around Benghazi. They had in the previous year carried out several attacks at the British embassy. Some were looking for revenge against Americans or any American target. But al-Qaeda and some other groups want to expand their power and influence through money and guns whether in Libya or Syria. Benghazi Gate is just a modern version of the “Iran-Contra affair.”

I live near the Central Command at MacDill Air Force Base which makes the decisions for all of the Middle East. Jill Kelley, the woman who exchanged sexually explicit emails with General John R. Allen, lives just down the street. Many of my friends are in military intelligence and they are horrified that the White House did not allow the rescue units to immediately attempt a rescue in Benghazi or allow fighter jets to rush to the area. Obama allowed fighter jets to attack Libya almost daily until Gaddafi was killed to assist rebels. But Obama refused to allow these same jets to assist a U.S. Ambassador and Americans which shows his distorted values.

It is no secret that Obama does not like Hillary Clinton and it is very doubtful that Hillary likes Obama. Obama would have known that the truth about Benghazi would eventually come out unless he just totally does not have a clue of reality. Of course the media has minimized or covered-up everything he has done wrong up to this point. But the tide is starting to turn against him. So it is very possible that he thought all of the blame would be directed towards his former Democratic opponent- Hillary.

Some strong supporters of Obama, say that we need to get rid of the 22nd Amendment so Obama can serve for a third term. If this Benghazi scandal keeps growing, maybe Obama thought it would stop at the feet of Hillary who was the Secretary of State. If much of the blame goes to Hillary, she would not have a chance of winning in a run for the president in 2016. This clears the path for Obama to attempt a run for a third term.

Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney, retired assistant vice chief of staff and vice commander in chief of the U.S. Air Forces in Europe, said: “This is going to be the biggest scandal. It is going to make Watergate look like kindergarten because Watergate was primarily limited to the Oval Office. This cuts across the whole national security apparatus, where people were lying and covering up. It is a dereliction of duty that this nation has never seen before.”

World Net Daily reported that McInerney said, “The only person who could have given it (stand down orders) was the president, and he had to give it through the secretary of defense, secretary of state. The word came out so it came from the combatant commands and other unites below, but nobody could have given that except the president of the United States, and that is very clear!”

Several in Washington, D.C. are finally talking about impeachment of Obama. If Richard Nixon was close to being impeached for lying regarding an illegal Watergate wiretapping cover-up scandal but resigned instead, how much more should Obama be impeached for covering up the murder of a U.S. Ambassador. This is just the tip of the iceberg of scandals in the Obama administration!

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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  2. Bill Ascherfeld says:

    if Obama is impeached, it will give status to his presidency.
    He is NOT eligible to even run for president, as proved by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse in 2012, and known to be so by several Members of Congress as early as 2008 or before. Therefore, what should happen is to have a U.S, Marshal arrest Obama for Felony impersonation of a Federal Officer. Have him remanded to custody without bail for fear of flight risk, and then bring out at least 1 count each of Felony Fraud, Felony Forgery, Felony use of Social Security Number to attain and retain Federal Employment, Felony possession of a fake draft card, and at least 1 of twelve possible Felony Treason charges.

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