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It is not about Security…It is not about Clinton…It is all about the murderer Obama!

Congressman Gowdy…. Hold that thought!  For the very reasons you stated. You and the rest of Congress continue to mislead the American Public. It is about Obama not security.  Congress is covering for Obama. On the Grand Jury – The … Continue reading

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On the Grand Jury – The People’s Right to Weed Out Corruption

http://fija.org/docs/JG_on_the_grand_jury.pdf On the Grand Jury Fully Informed Jury Association Post Office Box 5570 Helena, MT 59604-5570 1-800-TEL-JURY http://www.fija.org The U.S. Attorneys Manual states that prosecutors “must recognize that the grand jury is an independent body, whose functions include not only … Continue reading


Public Notice – Establishment of THE Randall David Due PUBLIC WEALTH REBATE BANK/TRUST

  State of Georgia            ) ) ss. County of Mitchell        ) Affiant, Randall David Due aka Randy Due, certifies under my own commercial liability that the following is true, correct, materially complete, and not misleading to the best … Continue reading

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