SBX-211 Campaign – Richard I. Fine

SBX-211 Campaign – Richard I. Fine

Interview April 24, 2013

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Dear Arnie:

Attached hereto are the current e mail addresses of the California State Senators and Assembly Members and a copy of the April 23, 2013 letter sent to each of them with the Legislation and short resume. Now every legislator has everything and we are ready to begin the campaign to get the Legislation introduced and enacted.

Judicial Corruption – SBX-211 Cover-up by California Government update

With this information, the supporters can e mail every California Senator and Assembly Member and urge each one of them to propose, support and enact the “Judicial Reform” Amendment Legislation which they received on April 23, 2013 from Richard I. Fine, PhD, Chairman of the Campaign for Judicial Integrity to remove the corruption and restore integrity to the California Judicial System.

Download your own copies and join in the action:

Each person can also look up their individual representatives on the State Legislature websites, call them, fax them and visit them.

This e mail information and the “Urge the Senator and Assembly Member to propose, support and enact the  “Judicial Reform” Amendment” Legislation which they received from Richard I. Fine, PhD, Chairman of the Campaign for Judicial Integrity April 23, 2013 to remove the corruption and restore integrity to the California Judicial System” can be posted on facebook pages, transmitted on twitter, sent to reporters, TV, radio and spread on the web.

The cover e mail to the Legislators read as follows:

“Dear President Pro Tem Steinberg, Speaker Perez and Leadership of the Senate and Assembly:

In 2009, President Pro Tem Steinberg introduced Senate Bill SBX 2 11, which passed both the Senate and Assembly in a record three days with only three dissenting votes in the entire legislature. The thrust of SBX  2 11 was: (1) mandate counties to continue paying “judicial benefits” on the same terms and conditions as such were paid to judges currently sitting on courts as of July 1, 2008 through their current term as such county payments to judges were held to violate California Constitution Article 6, Section 19 in the decision of Sturgeon v. County of Los Angeles, 167 Cal.App.4th 640 (2008) Review Denied 12/23/2008; and (2) granting retroactive immunity to “governmental entities, officers and employees of governmental entities” from civil liability, criminal prosecution and disciplinary action on account of the payment of judicial benefits to judges.

The overwhelming vote in favor of SBX 2 11 effectively impeached, convicted and entered judgment under California Constitution Article 4, Section 18 (a) and (b) for “misconduct in office” against the judges who received the retroactive immunity particularly from criminal prosecution from taking the “criminal” county payments. As the counties were parties appearing before the judges as parties in cases, as witnesses in cases or were interested in the outcome of the cases, the payments to the judges were “bribes” under Cal. Penal Code Section 7(6) and the offering and taking of such county payments violated Cal.Penal Code Sections 7(6), 92, 93, 94, 96.5, and 182(a)(5),amongst others, U.S.C. Sections 4, 241, 1513, 1846, and 1960 et seq., amongst others, California Code of Civil Procedure, Section 170.1(a)(6)(A)(iii) and California Code of Judicial Ethics, Canons 2A, 3E(1) and (2), 4D(1) and 6A.

The December 2009 Report from the Judicial Council to the Legislature required by SBX 2 11 showed that approximately 90% of the California judges received the illegal payments and therefore received the retroactive immunity.

SBX 2 11 did not require the judges who received the retroactive immunity to resign from office, agree to not hold any other office and return the illegal payments plus 20%, which would have occurred if they were prosecuted and convicted, in exchange for the retroactive immunity.

Although not stated in the legislative history, perhaps the legislators who voted for SBX 2 11 were hoping that the “guilty” judges who received the retroactive immunity would at least either resign, retire or not run for re-election and the counties would discontinue the criminal payments to newly elected judges.

None of these events occurred. The terms of the judges who were current as of July 1, 2008 expired on January 1, 2013. Almost all of the “criminal” judges who received the retroactive immunity from criminal prosecution ran for re-election after July 1, 2008, became new judges not subject to immunity and are receiving criminal county and court payments as only two or three counties stopped paying the criminal payments.

These judges continue to render void decisions as they are disqualified to preside as judges due to their “misconduct in office” which was the basis for the retroactive immunity. Further, they and any “new” judge who presently accepts illegal payments and “bribes” from counties appearing before them is also engaging in “misconduct in office” and is subject to criminal prosecution, civil liability and disciplinary action. The result is that Californians continue to be deprived of due process, access to the courts and a functioning judiciary with integrity.

The time has come to return a functioning judiciary to California.

Attached hereto is: (1) a cover letter explaining the proposed Legislation; (2) the Legislation; and (3) a short resume.

Please sponsor and enact the Legislation so as to complete the effective impeachment, conviction and entry of judgment which occurred by the overwhelming approval of SBX 2 11.

Richard I. Fine, PhD
Chairman, Campaign for Judicial Integrity”


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3 Responses to SBX-211 Campaign – Richard I. Fine

  1. suzdelia says:

    I know you have been working hard on this Corruption filing….so Congratulations to you and to Richard Fine. God Bless and Protect our America.

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