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FOREIGN AGENTS AND PROPAGANDA Document moved or no longer posted for public view. http://uscode.house.gov/download/pls/22C11.txt Try the following for more details: http://uscode.house.gov/search.xhtml?searchString=FOREIGN+AGENTS+AND+PROPAGANDA&pageNumber=1&itemsPerPage=100&sortField=CODE_ORDER&action=search&q=Rk9SRUlHTiBBR0VOVFMgQU5EIFBST1BBR0FOREE%3D%7C%3A%3A%3A%3A%3A%3A%3A%3Afalse%3A%7C%3A%3A%3A%3A%3A%3A%3A%3Afalse%3A%7Cfalse%7C%5B%3A%3A%3A%3A%3A%3A%3A%3Afalse%3A%5D%7C%5B%3A%5D -CITE- 22 USC CHAPTER 11 – FOREIGN AGENTS AND PROPAGANDA 01/03/2012 (112-90) -EXPCITE- TITLE 22 – FOREIGN RELATIONS AND … Continue reading

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Public Officers and Employees, §247 are Trustees of the Public Trust

Thank you rb. 63C AM.JUR.2D, PUBLIC OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES * *63C Am.Jur.2d, Public Officers and Employees, §247* “As expressed otherwise, the powers delegated to a public officer are held in trust for the people and are to be exercised on … Continue reading

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The Law of Office Found

Thank you rb  The Law of Office Found  http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/king42.htm The ruling of the case below should upset everyone, but The Informer and I have been saying, and continue to say this is the condition in this country. Also, contained in … Continue reading

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Oath of office is a quid pro quo contract

Thank you rb. Oath of office is a quid pro quo contract The Oath of office is a quid pro quo contract cf [U.S. Const. Art. 6, Clauses 2 and 3, Davis Vs. Lawyers Surety Corporation., 459 S.W. 2nd. 655, … Continue reading