Progressive Tyranny…The Brundt of the Joke…’The People!’ Are we still laughing?

Opinion Piece

We the People of the lawful Union States are being Criminally Abused by our employees; our elected officials.


Thanks to Don Q!

Our elected officials, who are  responsible to create and provide services, for the public good, using public money, are bound by trust law to protect the interests of We the People.  Under their fiduciary responsibilities, our trustees (our elected officials) are accountable to protect (We the People) the beneficiaries of the public trust, from fraud and abuse.

Under the color of law, these same elected officials are imposing a series of actions which can only be viewed as gross abuses of power; By implementing these unlawful practices without the consent of the governed and without full disclosure these routine acts of sedition, which are witnessed almost every day, are now bordering on treason.

Of even more serious concern, is the escalation and frequency of these incidents that are occurring at an alarming rate.  With a public mission to serve and protect, the very same organization of peace keepers are now those behind perpetrating terrorism at the local level.

This is the very point that precipitated publishing this document.

As one of  the sovereign lawful inhabitants of California,  I make the claim that our trustees,  (our elected officials), are violating their oath of office, and the public trust.  Under the color of law, they are engaging in organized sedition and are committing treason against the people of America.

in my view, there are three major components involved in the perpetration of this criminal abuse:

  1. Lying
  2. Misrepresentation
  3. Deception

Side Note:  To provide further information which strongly suggests that such tactics are being regularly imposed upon unsuspecting state Citizens, the following paraphrased letter is offered for your review.  This letter was shared in confidence and in order to preserve the Identity and security of the letter originator, some liberties have been taken to change the style of the writer but not the essential content of the message. – Arnie

 We the people are being played as suckers by some of our elected officials.

Do you find that offensive?

 A private individual speaks out.

 “Arnie, thank you for the civil reply and the comity. I have been a Deputy Sheriff and I resigned due to the regular encouragement to violate my oath of office and fidelity to the People and to the Constitution.  I was having none of it. I have to live with me the rest of my life and will always try my best to act in honor and to honor my oaths.”

 “The fish rots from the head and the Sheriff was lying about his credentials, professionally and academically, there was a plan to implement a quota system which was a numbers manipulation game to extract revenue from the working poor.  This system was designed to make it look as though the implementation of this scheme had an impact on crime; It was nonsense and deception and duplicity.”

Sidebar: View a recent event which highlights some unbelievable human rights violations and clearly in my opinion is the result of a planned strategy perpetrated by high levels of enforcement authority. – Arnie

More details….

Sidebar:  It is my position, and it should be apparent to you, dear reader, that not only are the two troopers culpable for these abuses inflicted on those they were employed to protect, but so is the entire chain of command.  It is obvious to me that the troopers must have been trained and encouraged to act in this manner so as to terrorize, intimidate and cause fear in the recipients of this gross abuse.

There is no way imaginable that members of an organization of peace officer, who have honorably served the people of the state of Texas, would suddenly institute such practices on their own.  

All of these abuses are direct violations of the Constitutional protections of the individuals abused and all imposed upon these individuals under the color of law.   Any reasonable and intelligent man or woman can easily see the consistency in tactics we are witnessing in greater frequency across the country. 

It takes little imagination to make the link that these events are all connected and are indeed being executed under the direction of a single government authority acting outside of their lawful scope of responsibility and authority.  

This situation, marked by ever increasing and outrageous violations of human rights,  demands a citizen review board be convened and the matter fully investigated. 

  • It would seem to me that a deeper investigation by independent citizens will provide the evidence of the connections as expressed in this opinion piece.

Back to the letter:

 “My grandfather told me if I wanted to make real change I had to occupy the position of authority from which the decisions came. So, I took this wise man’s words to heart and became a Deputy.  As part of that assignment, I learned how to conduct investigations and gather evidence.”

 “When I resigned I used my acquired skills of investigative technics to document and expose the corruption of the system in which I had been participating.  I used the power of the pen and press to ensure the corrupt official for whom I had worked, lost the election. So, true to my grandfather’s  advice, I did what I thought to be honorable and consumed the position. I am an oathkeeper Arnie and will honor my oaths, or die trying.”

“I have been studying law for some time and still don’t have it all down. However, what I do know is we as free state Citizens have the unlimited right to contract, or enter private agreement. It is the deceptive manipulation of these capabilities by which we are induced into *waiving rights and agreeing to be regulated.  Without full disclosure (which is unlawful), we are being enticed into accepting a benefit-privilege-opportunity from govt. and by doing so, compromising our sovereignty by giving up some of our God given or natural rights.”  

*(“The assent however must not only be mutual, but it must be freely and voluntarily given in order to create a valid contract. Compulsion or duress will therefore avoid any agreement.”);  William W. Story, A Treatise on the Law of Contracts Not Under Seal 57 (1844)

“Most of the time, when we participate in what we believe is a service provided for the benefit of we the people, by our trustees (our elected officials), it establishes the nexus by which we are presumed to have agreed and become obligated and compelled to perform or face the liability for breach.  Under commercial law, breach can include fines and a loss of liberty “jail” which is also considered to be a benefit/privilege, as the govt. will feed, house and cloth you as well as provide medical care and education in many cases while incarcerated.”

Sidebar: As indicated above, some would have us believe that the govt. agency providing the service in question is under no obligation to reveal the “trap” that has been deliberately and with malice a forethought, “set.”  But by pure logic, I contend this is not true and part of the deception.

It is my opinion that the time has come to:

– Arnie

The letter continues:

 Entrapment – Coercion – Deception

“I am serious!” 

It is all an offer…hoping you’ll accept and enjoin you to an agreement to perform! 

There are many of these “Gotcha Agreements” as my friend and former lawyer calls them:

  •  A driver’s license
  • Social Security, 
  • Electing to be a taxpayer, 
  • Registered voter card, 
  • And many others for which we agree to become regulated/taxed/penalized/jailed.  

 Meanwhile, were we better educated in the aspects of these divisive tactics, we would have the ability to forgo the whole nonsense in the first place. That is if we act in the sovereign capacity of one of the People and not some other diminished capacity. 

It all about offer and acceptance, honor and dishonor period. 

 All crime, sans forcible felonies, are classified as being in the commercial jurisdiction within the US.  Since 1965 and the implementation of the UCC, which we know to be maritime/admiralty in the choice of law and the one biggest connecting nexus that allows our regulation is the use of the debt instrument called the FRN, or federal reserve note, aka funny money. 

If we return to an honest system of weights and measures this will all go away. In court the constitution is not applicable unless we are the plaintiff and are bringing our sovereign court of record to deal with the cause of action. Then the magistrate is independent of the tribunal he is only a referee and cannot judge anything, unless we agree to allow him to act in this capacity. 

Please see the work of Bill Thornton and visit his web site and view all of his videos on YouTube especially the ones entitled “Show Me The Law” and ” Common Law” I think you will gain a better understanding of whats really available. He has court cases where he charged and convicted a judge of contempt and fined the judge as well. The record and transcripts are listed as well as the citations for the cases. I hope this will be of some help to you and yours Arnie. 

An Ex-Sheriff’s Deputy

In sharing this inside view of how the system is deliberately stacked against We the People, only a willingness to continue to suffer at the hands of our oppressors will permit them to continue this behavior of lying, abuse and applying deception to take unfair advantage of the people.

Will you permit this to stand?


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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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