Ethical and moral obligations under fiduciary responsibilities

Proposed reform

Proposed by:  Arnie

Ethical and moral obligations under fiduciary  responsibilities: 

The case for serious reform of ethical standards and practices.

To reiterate my earlier claim that our trustees,  (our elected officials), who create and provided the services, are bound by trust law to protect we the people, the beneficiaries of the public trust, from fraud.

Based on the conduct of the majority of current elected officials, it should be clear that many cannot be trusted to faithfully execute their responsibilities as called for by their oath of office and the Constitutions to which they have sworn their oaths.

The practice of policing the integrity, ethics, morality and behavior by other members of the same organization is ludicrous.  The existence of the ethics committee is an insult to the American people.  The very term, “Ethics Committee,” by example, has actively demonstrated it is an oxymoron.

The same is true of congressional investigative committees.  One need look no further than to the work of Mr. Issa.  Over the past several years, I believe one would be hard-pressed to find even one concluded investigation which amounted to any prosecution or conviction of any member of government.  This in itself is condemnation of the ability of those in government to govern themselves.

It then becomes obvious, that what is needed are at least two things to happen to begin to set government on the proper foundation to restore honesty, honor and integrity.  It must be impressed upon lawmakers that conflicts of interests will not be tolerated in any shape or form.   Also it appears worthy to note that within any investigation, non-responsive answers will be considered as an admission of guilt.

The first thing is to establish that the government, including all members, agents and/or organizations are prohibited from lying (thanks to Gary Zerman for amplifying on this point so often and so well).  Anyone accused of lying will be immediately suspended from whatever current activities in which they may be engaged and subjected to a thorough investigation of the matter by a group of 25 competent independent state Citizens selected at random.

The suspension will be without pay and benefits and last as long as it is required until the matter is satisfactorily resolved by the investigative committee.  There would be no exceptions to this policy.

Penalties for being found guilty of lying will be severe.  Immediate removal from office and incarceration for not less than five years would be a minimum.   The right to hold future elected office would be permanently revoked.

The second item will establish a policy which prohibits any individual or body of individuals in government service to engage in the promotion of self-interest or any other conduct consistent with any type of conflict of interest. This includes the approval or authorization involving any expenditures of public money  or create any policies or procedures that would provide the individuals or body with personal gain, regardless of whether it was of a short-term or long-term nature.

Any individual or bodies accused of such misconduct would also be immediately suspended, without pay or benefits until the matter is thoroughly investigated and properly resolved by an independent citizen’s body of 25 qualified state Citizens, selected at random.

Penalties for those found guilty will also be severe.  Offenders would be immediately removed from office and incarcerated for not less than five years.  The right to hold future public office would be permanently revoked.

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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