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No to Audit the FED! Outwit it instead!

About the Author – Hartford VanDyke Date: Thu Nov 14, 2002 1:12 pm Subject: HOW TO CREATE CURRENCIES FOR LOCAL COMMUNITIES Hartford VanDyke ( Hartford VanDyke and John Nolan are on trial at this time in the US District Court … Continue reading

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“Where’s Admiral Gaouette?” – Benghazi Still Burns!

Darrell Issa SOS at CPAC: “Where’s Admiral Gaouette?” and the “Benghazi CBA” New organization of former US Special Ops officers issues distress calls about urgent high-profile questions. By Mark Langfan, at CPAC First Publish: 3/16/2013, 9:31 PM US aircraft carrier … Continue reading

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Straight from the shoulder… A message to Sheriff Joe!

Sheriff, Permit me to be honest and dispense with any form of political correctness. While I am the first to understand the danger that threatens our nation,   I have another bigger problem  with which to deal.  That problem, Sheriff Joe, … Continue reading


Ethics violation? How about treason!

The height of lunacy… How is it even remotely possible to conceive that a group of intellectually and ethically bankrupt individuals could, in any way shape or form, oversee and supervise their own behavior? Surely this hypocrisy demonstrates that the … Continue reading

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Common Law – Some Revelations..

Common Law  – Some Revelations. The following information is provided for educational purposes only. Common Law Lecture Sound-hour 1 Common Law Lecture Sound-hour 2 Common Law Lecture Sound-hour 3 Common Law Lecture Sound-hour 4 Common Law Lecture Sound-hour 5 Common … Continue reading

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