Texas Action Alert: 3 Nullification Bills Need your Support this Week


Texas Action Alert: 3 Nullification Bills Need your Support this Week

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Three very important bills in Texas need your support this week.  HB149 – to nullify NDAA indefinite detention, is scheduled for a hearing on Wednesday.  And two bills to nullify federal gun laws are expected to get a committee vote this week, HB928 and HB1076.

All three bills are in the same committee, House Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility – chaired by Representative Brandon Creighton.  Please take the following steps to help them move forward, and share this information widely!  (scroll down to learn more about the bills)

ACTION ITEMS for Texas HB149, HB928 and HB1076

1. Contact  the committee chair of Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility  Call and politely let Representative Creighton know that you’d a YES vote on each of these great bills.

Brandon Creighton (512) 463-0726

2. Contact all the other members of the committee. Strongly, but respectfully let each of them know that you expect a YES on each bill.

Cindy Burkett (512) 463-0464
Eddie Lucio III (512) 463-0606
Scott Turner (512) 463-0484
Armando Walle (512) 463-0924

3. Attend the hearing for HB149.  Show your support in person – there’s strength in numbers!  Sign up to give public comment in favor of the bill.  This will have a powerful impact on the committee members.

Wednesday March 27th at 2pm
Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility committee.
Location – E2.036


Texas House Bill 149, The Liberty Preservation Act to nullify NDAA “indefinite detention,” is one of the strongest bills in the country in response to that unconstitutional federal act.  It renders that claimed federal power as unconstitutional, null, and void within the state of Texas.  And, it provides for criminal charges for anyone in violation of HB149 should it become law.

This is a Texas-sized bill that could influence the entire country.   Learn more here.

Texas House Bill 928, is a short but very far-reaching bill to require the state of Texas and all local government to refuse to comply with or enforce a vast majority of federal gun laws, orders, rules and regulations.  It applies to those issued or passed in the past, present or future, providing a strong stand in Texas not just against new proposals, but the status quo.

As Judge Andrew Napolitano has said recently, such widespread noncompliance can make a federal law “nearly impossible to enforce” (video here)

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