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Hello Arnie,

1. You have my permission to post my personal message on a Blog.

Cruz Gomez

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Please advise.

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Hello all,

I too feel your pain, frustration and anger at the amount of the festering corruption. Here is an answer to Marlena Fearing: A California based judicial organization is VictoryUSA@jail4judges.org. It is headed by Ron Branson who himself, as he has posted through his site, has been a victim of judicial corruption including false imprisonment on trumped up court proceedings.  All because he has been a thorn in the shoes of the corrupt judicial system.

Now Some background info for all you youngsters about judicial corruption (and corruption in general):

In 1962 my car was rear-ended twice within a period of two months. in both accidents heavy fog was a factor. The first accident happened as I waited for a signal to change green. The second accident  happened on the Santa Ana freeway going to work. There was minor damage to the vehicles (cars were better made at that time) so information was just exchanged. I do not remember much about the first accident except that the driver after he collided with my car stated that he thought that the signal was green and had not seen my car. Later he denied being involved in the accident with my car. This man’s the last name was Penter

Because my damages and injuries were ignored by the defendants a lawyer that my father-in-law worked for recommended an attorney by the name of Earl F. Riley who filed suit. The defendant’s employer for the 2nd accident, Food Giant (FG) markets, answered the complaint through a document that was signed under penalty of perjury by a VP of the company. In the answer the VP denied any knowledge of the vehicle that had rear-ended my car and further stated that the vehicle involved was neither owned nor operated by FG. Earl Riley then again repeated and recommended that I accept the $500 that was being offered. When I refused he dropped my case and turned over my file to me. I then was able to retain another attorney whose name was Ralph J. Geffen. I turned my case file over to him. After some time he too asked me to accept the $500 that FG was offering. I refused because since the accident my back and neck started hurting and I would get headaches, nausea, pain numbness on my arms.

By some coincidence I found the  paper that the driver of the vehicle that hit my car when the accident took place. The paper showed the license number of the vehicle. At that time any person could go to a DMV office, pay $1 and obtain information about any registered vehicle. The DMV report stated that the vehicle was owned by a leasing company and was under lease to FG (even before andduring the time of the accident). I took the report to Ralph J. Geffen and handed it to him along with the original note that the driver had provided to me. As I handed him the information he appeared to be surprised. I told him that I wanted him to file perjury charges against the FG VP. He said that we would talk about that later. Sometime later he called me to his office and told me that he would not file perjury charges against the VP and that if I did not accept the $500 offer he would see to it that my case was thrown out. I then asked him to turn my file over to me which he refused.

I then went to the records office of the L.A. County Superior Court and asked to view my case file. The file had the perjurious answer. I asked for a photocopy of the document and the clerk replied that I would have to submit my request at a different office which would take a few days to provide the copy. I was anxious to get a copy of that document so I drove to a relatives house, borrowed a Polaroid camera and drove back to court. I again asked to view my case file. The perjurious document had disappeared from my case file. I tried to get help from the court but no one would help. I also filed a complaint against Geffen with the Bar which did nothing.

I hired a third attorney (Only after I advanced him $700 for two days of trial) his name was David C. Marcus the famed 1940’s civil rights attorney. Marcus sat on my case so I mentioned this problem to friends of mine who spoke to their family lawyer who told them that if my case was not heard by a certain date it would be dismissed. I confronted Marcus about a court date and told him the information that my friends attorney had voiced. Marcus said that he had no control as to when my case would be heard. I told him that I no longer wanted him as my attorney and I filed and had him served with substitution of attorney papers, with me In-proper. Once he was served he called me and stated that he could get me a court date. I told him I did not want him as my attorney. Marcus then refused to return the $700 that I had advanced to him for two days of trial. I filed a complaint against Marcus with the Bar. Surprisingly the bar held a hearing and Marcus returned part of the $700. He had me sign a receipt for the returned money on a piece of a lunch paper bag. This charade took place in the offices of the Bar in front of several Bar attorneys.

I then searched for another attorney and found one who was with a very large firm in the Wilshire area of L.A. This attorney took the case on a contingency basis. His name is Clifford L. Lindvig. In a pre-trial settlement meeting I agreed to accept a minimum amount under the condition that Ralph J. Geffen’s lien on my case would not be honored (I wanted Geffen to sue me for his lien). Clifford Lindvig along with the defendant’s attorneys agreed to my condition then informed the judge that a settlement  had been reached . They did not tell the judge the conditions of my agreement so when the judge asked if a settlement had been reached I answered yes. Later I received documents that I had to sign. The documents revealed that Geffen had received part of my settlement. I refused to sign the documents and the defendants then filed for dismissal. I filed an opposition to the dismissal and a hearing was held in a large room that was filled with attorneys. Geffen served me with some document which I do not recall was about. I told the judge what had been taking place but the judge just recommended that I hire an attorney. In my opposition to the defendants filing for dismissal my points of authority prevented my case from being dismissed. But I was forced to accept an amount of money that was less than $10,000. This took place either in late 1968 or early 1969.

In 1971 Ralph J. Geffen was appointed as a federal magistrate and Earl F. Riley was appointed as Presiding judge of the Los Angeles County court system. I believe that these back-yard class  attorneys were ascended to these positions because they kept the VP of FG from going to jail on perjury charges and because they were involved in the disappearance of the perjurious document from the court files.

Through the internet I found that Ralph J. Geffen succumbed to cancer within two months in 1999 and Earl F. Riley succumbed to cerebral hemorrhage in 2000.  I keep wondering if these type of persons ever had any conscience and if the harm that they caused to others ever bothered them.

As a result of the accidents I went through spinal surgery, paid out of my own funds, and had difficulty finding a job because of the surgery.  After the spinal surgery I started classes as a junior student in a four year college. The surgery left me with many medical problems and these affected my college attendance and studies. My grades for that first semester were D- and I received a warning letter from from the college that if my grades were not brought up during the 2nd semester to a C or above I would not be allowed to attend college. By the Grace of God and through prayer my grades for the 2nd semester were A-.

After the Watts Riots in 1965, judges held community meetings to pacify the people. I attended one of these meetings and held a discussion with one of the judges and related what I was going through with “my attorneys” and asked him what the courts were doing to stop that corruption. His reply was, “ther has been corruption in the courts, there is corruption in the courts, there will be corruption in the courts.” I remember that this judge had a Jewish sounding name and he held a high position in the Los Angeles County Court system.

I have had other more recent bad experiences with corrupt attorneys.

1. One who stated during a mediation hearing that he had forgotten to bring my case file. The mediator no doubt also a player in the corruption game let this misrepresentation by “my attorney” slide as though it is a normal thing to allow an attorney to misrepresent a client. If this mediator had been honest he should have thrown out “my attorney’ from the hearing and reported him to the Bar and to the court. But corruption now prevails.” My attorney” when he misrepresented me was also a pro-tem judge.  Dear God please help us and bring your just judgement soon!

2. Another experience happened during a suit that I had filed in small claims court where my case for damages to my house was heard by a pro-tem judge (an attorney that is trying to become a judge). The defendant’s defense was, “your honor I do not doubt that the plaintiff’s house was damaged by the golf ball from my golf course but if I have to pay the plaintiff’s damages I would also have to pay damages to others whose homes have also been damaged by golf balls from my golf course. By the way your honor I am part of a long time and well established Whittier family. At this point the woman raised her eyes, fixed her glasses to see better and her ears appeared to perk up. She asked for the family’s name. The defendant replied I am Jeff Pellissier. At that point the woman stated that she had heard enough and did not allow my witnesses to speak. And reprimanded me because I had the wrong interpretation of the law. This was a simple tort case involving trespass of land and holding a defendant liable for damages that arise from his property/business/operation.

I filed a complaint against this woman, Rita Topalian, with the Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP) which after a long time responded that the CJP has no jurisdiction over pro-tem judges. The CJP referred me to the Supervising judge of the Whittier court who also took some time to respond saying that she had no jurisdiction over the pro-tem judge. She referred me to a group of judges in the Los Angeles County who also after many days responded, “Sorry Mr. Gomez you did not prove your case.”

The latest incident of judicial corruption that I have experienced occurred last week when a judge in the Hanford court allowed a CHP officer to provide false testimony in a case involving a false citation.

Well people. What say thee? Can our country be saved. Are we going to allow our children to suffer this yoke of corruption? It is up to each of us to enlarge our ranks with victims regardless of their race and state in life. We all bleed alike.

Cruz R. Gomez

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