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Globalist Peace Plan

  UN Documents Gathering a body of global agreements home | sustainable sevelopment | education | water | culture of peace | human rights | keywords | search Our Common Future, From One Earth to One WorldFrom A/42/427. Our Common … Continue reading

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Environment Green Movement Global Climate Change Chem Trails

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Economy Cloward-Piven The Story of Your Enslavement The American Dream

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Financial Industry

Financial Industry Let us all Unite? This is not my government; Is it yours? World Domination plans are failing. The NWO is in a Panic. A case of Premeditated “Economic Assault and Battery THE BANKERS MANIFESTO

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Obama’s Charge – Destroy America

Obama’s Charge – Destroy America A theory of  the Plan – The CFR, working on behalf of the British Empire’s Financial System place Obama in office so he can act as the key in the lock to control American resources, … Continue reading

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World Domination- complete submission

Obama’s Charge World Domination- complete submission World Domination plans are failing. The NWO is in a Panic.

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Obama’s Charge Energy Shut down coal Limit and reduce oil production Shut down electric generation plants Install Smart Meters

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