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Dear Dallas FBI: To whom can ordinary citizens go?

From: “Debbie Warren” <dwarren@smdavid.com> Subject: FW: Jackie Buffalo/police department corruption Date: February 14, 2013 9:08:51 AM PST To: “‘Arnie’” <arnie@arnierosner.com> Think I might have stirred up a nest of hornets by copying the local FBI…I kind of hope so.  But, … Continue reading

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Mr. Mayor, Honorable members of Fountain Valley City Council

From: Arnie <arnie@arnierosner.com> Subject: Fwd: Police Chief Wants Citizens As ‘Reserve Force’ To Defend Against Feds Date: February 14, 2013 8:12:45 AM PST To: City of Fountain Valley <fvproud@fountainvalley.org> Bcc:  Global Distribution Mr. Mayor,  Honorable members of Fountain Valley City … Continue reading


Is the FBI terrorizing an American Jew?

  PRESS RELEASE  American Jew Being Subjected to Neo-Nazi Style Fascist Dictatorship and Organized Terror Campaign by the FBI DATELINE: Indianapolis, Indiana, February 13, 2013. Mr. Paul Guthrie, a graduate of Purdue University in Applied Physics, has discovered the scientific … Continue reading

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