Presidential Candidate John A. Dummett – The People do not know what a “right” is.

Presidential Candidate Will Challenge Obama’s Eligibility

I now know the exact reason why this nation is in the predicament it is in. The People do not know what a “right” is.  A right is not a privilege. A right is not something there is an argument against. A right is divinely given and can’t be parsed.

For instance the Right to free speech, religion,to life, to liberty, to pursue happiness as well as the othe enumerated Rights like to own and bear arms is not something that is negotiable.

The People have the right to throw off the shackles of tyranny and owe it to posterity to act and not speak when it becomes apparent even to a nitwit that our goverment no longer bows to the will or the needs of the people.

But now, instead of trying to convince people to vote for a person with zero to little actual elected experience, ( even Obama only spent about a month in the Senate and invested more time running for president than actually holding an elected office ) how in the world does one rally behind an effort to regain control of our Republic?

You are absolutely correct when you say, just dissolve the corporation that usurped our Republic. The banking interests of Europe swept in an squatted themselves into a power system that can’t or won’t be. If I could wave a magic wand I would do so with the end result of organizing an effort to regain the nation carved out and bequeathed to us by our founding fathers. It is not treasonous to fight for the Constitution and form of government signed onto by the leaders of the revolutionary war against England.

I will continue to call for support while acting when it is possible. The People have the Right to overthrow a government not sanctioned or blessed by our founding fathers. We are a collection of fifty sovereign independent countries who have relinquished or more precisely enumerated powers to a central government to facilitate interaction and cooperation between the fifty nations.

After the first Civil War, Reconstruction did more to dissolve our republic more than it ever did to preserve it. Now more than ever in the history of this nation has a Civil War been called for or justified for that matter. It is my opinion that this nation has never been more divided.

II still stand by my word to lead this nation by being elected, but if necessary I stand to lead this nation in whatever effort is needed to restore a legal and Constitutional government.

I have come across information that there ar peopleout there taking a close look at the last two elections with the perception that this nation has been usurped by those who have no right or business running this nation. Our nation is divided. There should be no argument what so ever about this observation. The need to do something about it is equally clear. The only thing that needs to be worked out and determined is by who, how and when the People act to restore the Constitution to its original form and intent.

Those of you reading this will have to come to a crossroad in your life. Are you going to stand there and do nothing believing everything will turn out for the best or will you be proactive in undoing the damage done to this nation from decades of neglect and down right national suicide?

I stand before you to lead. It will be up to everyone of you reading this what path you will take. Will it be The United States of America or the One World Order? We have one chance at this and one chance only. What see of History will you find yourself on?

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On Sunday, December 30, 2012, Arnie wrote:
It will be a lot simpler to dissolve the corporation masquerading as the legitimate government of the American people.

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That flushes all of the wicked witches including Pelosi and Feinstein and Harry Reid and the rest down the toilet once and for all!

Do we have the testosterone to do it?  We are the people are we not?


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