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Thanks to Liz Bowen from Northern California

The battle over issues related to Agenda 21 and property and water rights continues.

Agenda 21 is a seditious document promoted through the United Nations.  Anyone promoting and supporting this nefarious plan to deprive Americans of their rights is guilty of treason. Now guess who you know is involved?  right…your members of city council.  The members of the county board of supervisors.

So how do we deal with this?  The fifth Amendment has given us all the tools we need.  It is up to you the citizens to roll up your sleeves and get to work!  Shut off the TV and go watch what goes on in your city council and planning commission meetings.  The plot is much more intriguing.  In some cases down right treason!

Runaway Grand Jury

Common Law Grand Jury Rules

Part of the suggestion to form grand juries in each of the 3100 counties across America is to support these efforts.

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Jefferson News

Callahan, California

  • Fighting the California Dept. of Fish and Game
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Siskiyou Water Users objects to DFG’s latest tactic

Posted on December 27, 2012 by Liz Bowen  of Jefferson News

News in Jefferson Country

Dec. 27, 2012

Richard Marshall, president of Siskiyou Water Users Association, recently sent a letter to California Director of Fish and Game objecting to the most recent tactic to control water in Siskiyou County.

Returning Chinook and coho salmon numbers have skyrocketed, yet the state agency claims salmon numbers are in decline and began yet another study of water flowing in the Scott and Shasta Rivers this month.

Marshall told DFG Director Chuck Bonham that this newest study is just another plan for “taking private property rights.” In the State of California, a Water Right is a Property Right.

The adjudication of Water Rights began over 150 years ago. Farmers and ranchers are legally utilizing their water. Richard Marshall also told Director Bonham where he should look for the real affect on salmon populations.

That will be discussed on tomorrow’s News in Jefferson Country. Be sure to tune in.

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Richard Marshal points to ocean as real culprit

Posted on December 30, 2012 by Liz Bowen of Jefferson News

News in Jefferson Country

Dec. 28, 2012

News in Jefferson Country from Pie N Editor Liz Bowen: Recently, Richard Marshall, president of Siskiyou Water Users Association, pointed to the Pacific Ocean as the real culprit affecting salmon populations returning to the Scott and Shasta Rivers. This is the third year, in a row, that salmon numbers have increased — significantly.

In a letter to the State Director of Fish and Game, Marshall cited scientific experts who have proof of the correlation between salmon production and ocean conditions, which include cycles; temperature changes that grow food for salmon; and, of course, predators that eat salmon.

Marshall also took the Fish and Game Director to task, because the agency continues to place tremendous blame on Shasta and Scott Valley farmers, when salmon numbers decline. Marshall said the State Director must stop the continual process of intimidating Siskiyou farmers and ranchers with unlawful demands.

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Siskiyou farmers win against State Fish and Game agency

Posted on December 27, 2012 by Liz Bowen of Jefferson News

News in Jefferson Country

Dec. 27, 2012

News in Jefferson County from Pie N Editor Liz Bowen: Siskiyou farmers and ranchers breathed a welcome sigh of relief on Christmas Eve, when it was learned Siskiyou County Farm Bureau won its lawsuit against the California Department of Fish and Game.

The decision was rendered by Siskiyou County Superior Court Judge Karen Dixon, who stated the agency had over-stepped its authority in adding more regulations on legal Water Rights. The Fish and Game had demanded that farmers obtain a new permit to turn their legal Water Right allotment into their ditches.

Under California law, a Water Right is a property right. No permit is needed.  In its lawsuit, Siskiyou Farm Bureau said the state agency was changing the interpretation of state code, which would jeopardize both water rights and property rights for farmers and ranchers.

This court decision, in Siskiyou, is also a huge win for statewide agriculture and legal Water Rights.

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Jefferson News Service is located at the “top of California”:

We report on issues affecting citizens, who believe the Constitution is the law of the land.

Over-regulations are strangling business, especially farmers and ranchers.

Mining and timber industries have been economically destroyed, while wildfires ravage the intensely crowded trees.

Government control of WATER is the new threat and it will destroy small businesses and family-owned farms and ranches.

But this is not new to the State of Jefferson’s citizens. Governments tend to become too big for their britches and forget “We the People.”

We have long been a stubborn, independent people who get riled-up when tyranny raises its ugly head.

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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